Val Kilmer

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Curse of the Batsuit: why Val Kilmer found it hard to measure up
Kilmer has told of the alienation he felt on the set of Batman Forever as Michael Keaton discusses his imminent return to the role in The Flash

Ben Child

13, Aug, 2021 @9:55 AM

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Val review – unusual doc offers fractured portrait of actor
Val Kilmer’s life and career is illustrated via the actor’s own recordings in an often curious yet incomplete mosaic of a biopic

Benjamin Lee

23, Jul, 2021 @6:36 AM

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The Birthday Cake review – did Val Kilmer get an offer he couldn’t refuse?
The plot’s baffling, but not as baffling as why Kilmer, Ewan McGregor, and Paul Sorvino signed up for the director’s debut feature

Leslie Felperin

14, Jul, 2021 @9:00 AM

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Hear me out: why The Island of Dr Moreau isn't a bad movie
Continuing our series of writers recommending maligned films is a defense of the troubled 1996 adaptation of the HG Wells cautionary tale

Zach Vasquez

08, Feb, 2021 @7:11 AM

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Why Robert Pattinson could be the most exciting Batman in years
The new Caped Crusader says he has found a ‘gap’ to make Batman his own – in contrast to the likes of Val Kilmer’s cheeseball effort

Ben Child

15, May, 2020 @4:38 PM

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'I'm sucking up your IQ!': what 90s Batman tells us about Hollywood
The dialogue is corny, the heroes moody, the fights risible, but the Batman films of Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher paved the way for today’s blockbusters

Alex Hess

14, May, 2019 @11:10 AM

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Top Gun 2 is 'definitely happening', says Tom Cruise
Actor confirms sequel to 1986 classic with filming to begin ‘probably in the next year’

Steph Harmon

24, May, 2017 @12:17 AM

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Val Kilmer: 'Lord, I'm never going to read this tripe!'
After topping the A-list in the 90s, the actor retreated – but he’s back with an unlikely interest in art and a Twitter account filled with star-studded anecdotes

Alex Suskind

19, May, 2017 @8:00 AM

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Val Kilmer faces the heat after weird Cate Blanchett tweets
The Top Gun star has revealed a curious appreciation for his fellow actor. Especially her ‘dazzling’ shovel-wielding skills

28, Mar, 2017 @12:41 PM

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Don't call it a comeback: the actors set to return to the A-list in 2017
The next 12 months could see stars including Debra Winger, Michelle Pfeiffer and Val Kilmer return to the public eye

Benjamin Lee

06, Jan, 2017 @3:45 PM

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Val Kilmer: Michael Douglas apologised after throat cancer scare
The actor has posted on Facebook that Douglas is ‘a classy guy’ after he sent a note to say sorry for alleging Kilmer was ill with cancer

Andrew Pulver

16, Nov, 2016 @11:31 AM

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Val Kilmer denies he has cancer after Michael Douglas claims
Kilmer responds to Douglas’s assertion in an interview that ‘things don’t look too good for him’ by saying he has ‘no cancer whatsoever’

Alan Evans

02, Nov, 2016 @10:09 AM

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