The Hunger Games

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Jennifer Lawrence’s best performances – ranked!
As talk of another Oscar grows for her performance in this year’s Causeway, we rate the versatile actor’s finest work

Peter Bradshaw

27, Oct, 2022 @11:00 AM

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Three-finger salute: Hunger Games symbol adopted by Myanmar protesters
The gesture was first used after a coup in Thailand in 2014 and has since come to stand for solidarity and resistance across the region

Caleb Quinley in Bangkok

08, Feb, 2021 @5:49 AM

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Beyond the negroni: Stanley Tucci's 20 best films – ranked!
Lockdown viewers are hot for his cocktail-making skills, and cineastes await Supernova, a buzzy romance in which he stars opposite Colin Firth. Until then, here are Tucci’s top turns

Peter Bradshaw

30, Apr, 2020 @11:30 AM

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Do we really need a Hunger Games prequel movie?
Don’t look now, but Suzanne Collins’ novel about the early years of Donald Sutherland’s character Coriolanus Snow is heading for the big screen

Ben Child

23, Apr, 2020 @3:46 PM

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Back to the Future – the reboot everybody wants but no one thinks is a good idea
Director Robert Zemeckis has tried to put an end to another outing for Marty McFly but 71% of Americans are clamouring for a remake. And what the people want, the people will get

Stuart Heritage

23, Nov, 2018 @10:05 AM

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Massacre at the movies: why must cinema torture the young?
From Utoya to The Hate U Give, a new wave of films offer an unflinching vision of violence against children. What does the bloodletting tell us about how we live now?

Danny Leigh

12, Oct, 2018 @8:00 AM

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Entertainment One faces shareholder revolt over pay
Maker of The Hunger Games and Peppa Pig narrowly avoided pay defeat last year

Julia Kollewe

09, Sep, 2018 @3:35 PM

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The kids aren't alright: is the YA movie boom over?
Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight: only a few years ago young adult fantasy films were massive – but times, and teenagers, have changed

Anna Leszkiewicz

21, Aug, 2018 @1:42 PM

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All-nighter at the Scream house? The worst movie locations for a party
A gimmick-filled weekend away to the house that saw multiple teens get stabbed in the 1996 horror film brings other strange ideas to the surface

Stuart Heritage

25, Jul, 2018 @4:15 PM

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From Fortnite to Love Island: how the ‘fight to the death’ defines our times
From books and films to TV shows and video games, the last-man-standing trope is massively popular. Is it a reflection of our dog-eat-dog free-market ideology?

Steven Poole

16, Jul, 2018 @10:09 AM

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From Tomb Raider to A Wrinkle in Time: why Hollywood has daddy issues
Whether it’s a traumatic childhood that spurs on a hero or the drive for adventure, the trope of the absent father has long been a catalyst for cinema

Steve Rose

19, Mar, 2018 @10:00 AM

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The Snowman, Yogi Bear and Hollywood's unintentionally funny movie posters
The campaign for serial killer thriller The Snowman has gone viral for all the wrong reasons, and it’s not the first time a designer has caused accidental lols

Stuart Heritage

12, Oct, 2017 @10:00 AM

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