Mike Nichols

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How we made Closer – by Clive Owen and Patrick Marber
‘I wanted to write a Shakespearean scene with someone in disguise, so I went into a lesbian chatroom pretending to be a gay woman’

Interviews by Chris Wiegand

09, Jul, 2019 @5:00 AM

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From improv to Ishtar: the many lives of comedy genius Elaine May
Trailblazing comic, Oscar-nominated writer and acting sensation Elaine May is back on Broadway. Nathan Lane, Cybill Shepherd and others reveal what makes her tick

Ryan Gilbey

18, Nov, 2018 @3:00 PM

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The Graduate review – Hoffman and Bancroft are as irresistibly watchable as ever
Attitudes have changed since Anne Bancroft’s predatory seduction of hapless Dustin Hoffman, but this rereleased classic remains a hugely pleasurable experience

Peter Bradshaw

22, Jun, 2017 @2:30 PM

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Summer 2017's best movies: from Scarlett Johansson's hen night to Morrissey's teen years
Pop’s great miserablist gets a biopic, Scarlett Johansson has stripper trouble, Charlize Theron explodes into ultraviolence, and Union deserter Colin Farrell shakes up a girls school during the US civil war

Andrew Pulver, Gwilym Mumford and Peter Bradshaw

15, Jun, 2017 @5:00 AM

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Natalie Portman: 'The less I’m in a movie, the more I like it'
The actor talks about directing herself, the things she learned from Terrence Malick and Mike Nichols, and making a tourist trip to the Star Wars universe

Nigel M Smith

19, Aug, 2016 @8:47 AM

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Becoming Mike Nichols: new HBO film is fitting tribute to a great director
Documentary shows Nichols discussing Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and The Graduate before a New York theater audience, shortly before his death in 2014

Charles Kaiser

21, Feb, 2016 @12:00 PM

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Haskell Wexler, the genius cinematographer committed to the left
The man who revolutionised the way movies were filmed also earned himself a 500-page FBI file, thanks to his involvement in agitation for social justice

John Patterson

28, Dec, 2015 @5:20 PM

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Dustin Hoffman is wrong about 'small movies' and film being at its worst ever
‘It’s hard to believe you can do good work for the little amount of money these days’ the actor says, but films like Boyhood and Birdman prove him wrong

Nigel M Smith

07, Jul, 2015 @5:38 PM

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On my radar: Richard Ayoade’s cultural highlights
The actor and film-maker on Björk’s powerful brilliance, the gritty films of Mike Nichols and the perfect sound of TS Eliot’s poetry

Interview by Priya Elan

28, Jun, 2015 @6:59 AM

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Baftas pay tribute to Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall
The legacy of the stars and film-makers who died in 2014, who also include Richard Attenborough and Mike Nichols, has been recognised in a video tribute at this year’s British Academy film awards

Guardian film

08, Feb, 2015 @10:22 PM

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Simon Callow pays tribute to film-maker Mike Nichols
Their first meeting, a script reading for Postcards from the Edge, felt like a reunion. Simon Callow looks back at his 25-year friendship with director Mike Nichols, who died last week

Simon Callow

29, Nov, 2014 @8:45 AM

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Why Working Girl offers the real deal
David Shariatmadari: The late Mike Nichols’s fairytale of an ambitious woman in 80s Manhattan is undeniably fun, but it is also a more genuine portrait of ruthless business cut-and-thrust than Oliver Stone’s Wall Street

David Shariatmadari

27, Nov, 2014 @2:00 PM

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