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Pearl Harbor at 20: Michael Bay’s bombastically stupid war epic
The 2001 attempt to replicate the Titanic combination of romantic tragedy and blockbuster action remains a limp, if at times visually stunning, failure

Scott Tobias

25, May, 2021 @6:35 AM

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Michael Bay pandemic movie trailer criticized as 'exploitation cinema'
Songbird, produced by Bay, portrays a love story during America’s 214th week of lockdown in 2024

Adrian Horton

30, Oct, 2020 @7:48 PM

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Megan Fox responds to outrage over 'sexualised' auditions for Michael Bay
Fox posts statement on social media after footage re-emerges of her talking about an audition for the Transformers director when she was a teenager

Andrew Pulver

23, Jun, 2020 @2:42 PM

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Apocalypse no more: has coronavirus killed our appetite for disturbing stories? | Kitty Drake
Living through a dystopian nightmare changes what you want from film and TV, says Kitty Drake

Kitty Drake

31, May, 2020 @10:00 AM

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Corona-sploitation: is it too soon for Hollywood to make Covid-19 movies?
Michael Bay is just one of many big names in the industry trying to make a movie about the pandemic but a litany of issues, both practical and ethical, await

Charles Bramesco

26, May, 2020 @3:14 PM

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Justice for directors! The $20m 'Snyder cut' should only be the start
Zack Snyder’s director’s cut of Justice League is going to see the light of day in 2021. Here are other films that should get the same treatment

Stuart Heritage

21, May, 2020 @4:43 PM

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6 Underground review – Michael Bay's high-octane caper is a blast
Ryan Reynolds leads a shadowy team of mercenaries on a mission to topple a super-bad tyrant in this loud, frenetic and goofy thriller

Peter Bradshaw

13, Dec, 2019 @1:41 PM

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Every Michael Bay film – ranked!
Will the director’s latest effort, 6 Underground, a vigilante revenge thriller starring Ryan Reynolds, match the bombastic grandeur of the rest of his oeuvre? And which Transformers film was the least bad, anyway?

Stuart Heritage

12, Dec, 2019 @2:00 PM

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Wes Anderson gets a wallpaper collection – let the over-decorating begin!
Campy wallpapers inspired by his films are now on sale. Which other directors, from JJ Abrams to David Lynch, should get their own lines?

Stuart Heritage

24, Apr, 2019 @11:03 AM

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Bumblebee review - Transformers spinoff dumps 'Bayhem' for old-school spirit
With a new director at the helm, the standard Transformers crassness has been replaced by a sweetness reminiscent of classic Spielberg

Phil Hoad

09, Dec, 2018 @4:06 PM

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Has Hollywood finally grown up and realised Transformers is for kids?
With a new director and a new star in Hailee Steinfeld for Bumblebee, the franchise is cutting out the lascivious adolescent gaze of the Michael Bay era

Ben Child

28, Sep, 2018 @12:28 PM

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Cage fights, chat shows, train platforms: the strangest places films have found their stars
Looking to cast a new film sensation? Then visit a prison, look at Instagram or head to a station. Because that’s where these future stars were hanging out

Graeme Virtue

08, Nov, 2017 @11:26 AM

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