Ellen Burstyn

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The Last Picture Show at 50: a melancholic ode to the ghost town
The bleak 1971 drama is an enduring look at a dying small town that finds moments of humanity in among the sadness

Scott Tobias

22, Oct, 2021 @6:18 AM

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The Exorcist: Ellen Burstyn to reprise role in new $400m trilogy
Universal has picked up the rights to an ambitious new continuation of the Oscar-winning horror

Benjamin Lee

26, Jul, 2021 @7:14 PM

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Shock, no awe: how grim drama Pieces of a Woman fails to portray trauma
The Oscar-tipped Netflix drama centers on a harrowing and effective scene of loss yet its attempt to deal with the fallout fails to ring true

Adrian Horton

15, Jan, 2021 @2:43 PM

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Cinema legend Ellen Burstyn: 'It was never my intention to be a movie star'
As she prepares to smash an Oscar record, the great actor talks about drawing on her own suffering, missing her violent mother – and surviving the Hollywood ‘hamburger machine’

Ryan Gilbey

05, Jan, 2021 @6:00 AM

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Pieces of a Woman review – Vanessa Kirby excels in outstanding study of grief
This unflinching tale of neonatal death is a highly personal project for director Kornél Mundruczó and writer Kata Wéber

Wendy Ide

03, Jan, 2021 @8:00 AM

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Pieces of a Woman review – vehement but inauthentic childbirth drama
Kornél Mundruczó’s film, starring Vanessa Kirby and Shia LaBeouf as a young couple hit by tragedy, combines high trauma and horribly unconvincing stretches

Peter Bradshaw

29, Dec, 2020 @12:00 PM

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Requiem for a Dream at 20: Aronofsky's nightmare still haunts
The auteur’s bold and brutal 2000 adaptation of Hubert Selby Jr’s cultish novel about addiction remains an indelible and shocking act of provocation

Guy Lodge

27, Oct, 2020 @6:21 AM

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Pieces of a Woman director: gender neutral awards 'a logical move'
Hungarian film-maker Kornél Mundruczó backs up Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett, saying it was a step towards genuine equality

Lanre Bakare in Venice

05, Sep, 2020 @2:26 PM

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Ellen Burstyn: 'Women on screen were prostitutes or victims – I wanted to embody a hero'
At 85, the award-winning actor is preparing for her directorial debut and starring in a new film. She talks about Trump, feminism and the accident on The Exorcist set that still leaves a bitter taste

Benjamin Lee

26, Apr, 2018 @3:30 PM

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