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The investigation that blew the lid off Sydney’s environmental offsets | Ten years of Guardian Australia
A series of exclusives by Lisa Cox led to a parliamentary inquiry, a state audit and Icac referrals. She looks back at the painstaking work that went into piecing it all together

Caitlin Cassidy and Marni Cordell

28, May, 2023 @3:00 PM

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King Charles ignited a battle of styles in architecture - is it time for a truce?
The monarch loves traditional buildings and hates a lot of modern design. In this long-running battle, is there any middle ground?

Rowan Moore

08, May, 2023 @9:00 AM

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‘Capital of capital cities’: has Melbourne finally outshone its sparkly sister Sydney?
For a long time Sydney had the looks while Melbourne had the personality, but the southern city can now also lay claim to being bigger than its rival

Cait Kelly in Melbourne

22, Apr, 2023 @8:00 PM

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Want to buy a woollen home? Why Newcastle may have knitted the future of housing
Terry Farrell, the distinguished creator of dazzling buildings worldwide, has set up a £4.6m centre in Newcastle aiming to demystify the overblown language of architecture. So why does it contain a compostable woolly bio-cave?

Oliver Wainwright

19, Apr, 2023 @2:54 PM

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New York, new architecture: how is the city changing with the times?
A new Moma exhibition takes a look at projects for so-called public-facing spaces in the city and what young designers are doing for New Yorkers

Matt Shaw

24, Feb, 2023 @3:49 PM

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You can live a healthier, happier life in a 15-minute city | Letters
Letters: Readers respond to an article by Oliver Wainwright on why the concept has got rightwing MPs worried

22, Feb, 2023 @6:09 PM

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Are 15-minute cities a good idea or the work of UN greenist devils? | First Dog on the Moon
What if I want a 90-minute commute? Maybe I like sitting in traffic?

First Dog on the Moon

22, Feb, 2023 @5:11 AM

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In praise of the ‘15-minute city’ – the mundane planning theory terrifying conspiracists | Oliver Wainwright
The frightening prospect of greener, people-friendly streets has sent the online right – and Tory MPs – into a tailspin, says Guardian architecture critic Oliver Wainwright

Oliver Wainwright

16, Feb, 2023 @6:00 AM

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Is the tiny little neighborhood the city of the future?
Why the hyper-local ‘15-minute city’ is gaining ground in urban planning circles

Henry Grabar

25, Jan, 2023 @11:00 AM

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‘A gentle calm’: France’s streets once again echo to sound of working horses
Towns say they are not driven by nostalgia as they opt for horsepowered bin collections and school runs

Angelique Chrisafis in Hennebont

25, Nov, 2022 @10:34 AM

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Megalopolis: how coastal west Africa will shape the coming century
The long read: By the end of the century, Africa will be home to 40% of the world’s population – and nowhere is this breakneck-pace development happening faster than this 600-mile stretch between Abidjan and Lagos

Howard W French

27, Oct, 2022 @5:00 AM

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Timber cities ‘could cut 100bn tons of CO2 emissions by 2100’
Environmentalists say replacing natural forests with wood plantations to realise shift in construction practices is ‘bonkers’

Arthur Neslen

30, Aug, 2022 @4:29 PM

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