Sam Bankman-Fried

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‘We will coup whoever we want!’: the unbearable hubris of Musk and the billionaire tech bros
Challenging each other to cage fights, building apocalypse bunkers – the behaviour of today’s mega-moguls is becoming increasingly outlandish and imperial

Douglas Rushkoff

25, Nov, 2023 @9:00 AM

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Trump and SBF blamed their accountants – but your taxes are your responsibility | Gene Marks
We business owners can’t just shrug and say it’s the accountant’s job – it’s our signature on those forms

Gene Marks

12, Nov, 2023 @12:00 PM

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How did Sam Bankman-Fried attract investors? Well, Fomo probably helped | John Naughton
The cryptocurrency fraudster talked a lot of venture capitalists into pouring millions of dollars into his business. Maybe they should be more careful next time

John Naughton

11, Nov, 2023 @4:00 PM

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TechScape: Why Sunak’s ‘vanity jamboree’ on AI safety was actually … a success
Against the odds, world leaders agreed on a landmark declaration to bring stronger oversight to AI. Plus, Sam Bankman-Fried’s very bad week

Dan Milmo

07, Nov, 2023 @11:40 AM

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The problem with tech bro philanthropy | Zoe Williams
They claim altruistic motives, but billionaires’ favoured brand of do-gooding, which allows no scrutiny or pluralism, is worse than unhelpful, writes Zoe Williams

Zoe Williams

07, Nov, 2023 @11:00 AM

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The problem with Sam Bankman-Fried? We wanted to believe in him | Josie Cox
Hungry for innovation, we’re blind to hubris, misguided egos and wishful thinking, says the journalist and broadcaster Josie Cox

Josie Cox

06, Nov, 2023 @2:47 PM

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Was crypto on trial with Sam Bankman-Fried?
Binance and Coinbase are under investigation – but bitcoin was trading at highest value in a year as FTX founder convicted of fraud

Blake Montgomery

05, Nov, 2023 @1:00 PM

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It’s easy to be dazzled by the super-rich, but don’t believe that they’ll do the right thing | Will Hutton
Silicon Valley tech showmen like Elon Musk and Sam Bankman-Fried can blind us with science. A little more scepticism would not go amiss

Will Hutton

05, Nov, 2023 @8:30 AM

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Dramatic fall for Sam Bankman-Fried and ‘unkempt visionary’ persona
Jury did not believe T-shirt, cargo shorts and messy hair could prevent someone defrauding people out of billions of dollars

Victoria Bekiempis

04, Nov, 2023 @8:00 AM

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Sam Bankman-Fried trial: former crypto star facing up to 110 years after being found guilty of fraud - as it happened
Sentencing set for March 2024 after weeks-long trial saw his inner circle turn against him. This blog is now closed.

Sam Levin in Los Angeles (now); Charlotte Simmonds (earlier)

03, Nov, 2023 @2:24 AM

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Sam Bankman-Fried found guilty of defrauding FTX customers out of billions
The prosecutor said that ‘while the cryptocurrency industry might be new … this kind of corruption is as old as time’

Victoria Bekiempis in New York

03, Nov, 2023 @1:22 AM

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Shattered wunderkind image: five key takeaways from Sam Bankman-Fried’s fraud trial
The trial of the FTX founder has ended after a month with a guilty verdict. What did we learn?

Blake Montgomery

03, Nov, 2023 @12:29 AM

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