Emily Dickinson

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Poem of the week: Under the Light, yet under by Emily Dickinson
Like so many of her great poems, this almost-riddle combines a childlike simplicity with great complexity

Carol Rumens

11, Jan, 2021 @11:46 AM

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The Guardian view on advent: what are we waiting for? | Editorial
Editorial: This year we have learned to mark time once more – bringing frustration and despair, but also new pleasures


06, Dec, 2020 @6:25 PM

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History remixed: the rise of the anachronistic female lead
The lives of women from history, from Catherine the Great to Shirley Jackson, are being brought to the screen with a radical focus on character over facts

Adrian Horton

04, Jun, 2020 @3:54 PM

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Poem of the week: Of Bronze — and Blaze (319) by Emily Dickinson
This fizzing response to seeing the Northern Lights steps carefully around cosmic visions

Carol Rumens

11, May, 2020 @10:26 AM

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Dickinson review – Emily Dickinson reborn as a Lizzo-loving feminist
A half-baked comedy series rewrites the life of the American poet as a defiant feminist who ignores chores and delivers clunky dialogue

Adrian Horton

29, Oct, 2019 @5:49 PM

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Britten Sinfonia / Gourlay review – Turnage and Clayton sing out for refugees
Poems on displacement by Benjamin Zephaniah, Brian Bilston, Dickinson and Auden drive a weighty new song cycle by Mark-Anthony Turnage, delivered masterfully by Allan Clayton

Andrew Clements

22, Sep, 2019 @11:32 AM

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From Little Women to Dickinson: how modernised should adaptations be?
Recent trailers for Greta Gerwig’s take on Louisa May Alcott and Hailee Steinfeld as a punk rock Emily Dickinson suggest a resurgence for 1860s literary women

Adrian Horton

27, Aug, 2019 @5:11 PM

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Not Working by Josh Cohen - the benefits of idleness
A polemic against our overwork culture and a manifesto for just being rather than doing ... let’s learn from the slackers

Barbara Taylor

12, Jan, 2019 @12:00 PM

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Back to work blues? What we can learn from slackers
Our culture demonises those who don’t work – but maybe it’s time we were more like Homer Simpson and Jeffrey ‘The Dude’ Lebowski, writes Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen

04, Jan, 2019 @10:00 AM

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Up in smoke: should an author's dying wishes be obeyed?
Harper Lee never wanted Go Set a Watchman brought out, Sylvia Plath’s diary was burned by Ted Hughes – the controversial world of literary legacies

Blake Morrison

10, Mar, 2018 @10:00 AM

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They're patient, kind and even poetic – so stop calling them snowflakes | Christina Patterson
The writer Christina Patterson says she has seen the future of poetry, and it’s in safe hands

Christina Patterson

17, Oct, 2017 @3:33 PM

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Proms get political as Ode to Joy features on first night
Festival tries to avoid controversial statements, but Russian-German pianist Igor Levit sneaked European Union theme through in first hour of season

Erica Jeal

14, Jul, 2017 @11:22 PM

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