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Preserving our digital content is vital. But paying $38,000 for the privilege is not | John Naughton
Storing online is not just about photos and texts but thoughts and ideas. Platforms such as WordPress are starting to act, but it must be at a realistic price

John Naughton

25, Nov, 2023 @4:00 PM

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My doctor diagnosed me with ADHD – so how did my phone find out? | Sarah Marsh
Targeted ads started selling me services to help manage my symptoms – for a price. The law must offer more protection, says Guardian news reporter Sarah Marsh

Sarah Marsh

25, Nov, 2023 @10:00 AM

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‘Fire on fire’: how migrants got blamed for Greece’s devastating blazes
In August, wildfires in Evros killed a group of people, including children, passing along a well-trodden migration route. Locals and politicians made the victims scapegoats for the disaster

Words by Katy Fallon and Giorgos Christides. Photographs by Alexandros Avramidis

23, Nov, 2023 @10:00 AM

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Best podcasts of the week: The truth about Oatly’s climate-friendly credentials
In this week’s newsletter: Journalists put the plant-based brand to the test in The Oatly Chronicles. Plus: five of the best Today in Focus episodes

Hannah Verdier, Hollie Richardson and Nicole Jackson

23, Nov, 2023 @9:45 AM

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A new model for digital media? What Karlie Kloss’s acquisition of i-D means
We’ve often seen billionaires and private equity take over media outlets. Now we’re seeing supermodels, too

Kylie Cheung

19, Nov, 2023 @12:00 PM

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Rows and rockets blow up as Elon Musk’s firms endure turbulent weekend
Another space launch failed, but it’s the loss of major advertisers on X that has enraged the tycoon

Vanessa Thorpe

19, Nov, 2023 @8:00 AM

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‘We don’t hold anything back’: meet the Old Gays, TikTok’s most influential pensioners
When four gay men with an average age of 74 started appearing on TikTok, they became an instant hit. They talk about how, as their audience has grown, their outfits have shrunk

Michael Segalov

19, Nov, 2023 @8:00 AM

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The round robin is dead, but we blow our own trumpet online these days | Martha Gill
A never-ending listing of personal triumphs on social media have replaced the much-derided letters

Martha Gill

18, Nov, 2023 @6:05 PM

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Digital curator Giulia Carla Rossi: ‘There is a misconception that if something is on the internet it will last for ever’
The British Library’s head of digital publications on the urgency of preserving digital stories, from smartphone apps to interactive web narratives

Callum Bains

18, Nov, 2023 @1:00 PM

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A dead friend seemed to contact me on Facebook. The truth was sadder | Akin Olla
Social media ‘ghosts’ are increasingly common - and platforms have an incentive to keep those profiles up if they drive engagement

Akin Olla

17, Nov, 2023 @2:00 PM

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Best podcasts of the week: From Spice Girls to Sugababes, how Britain’s girlbands conquered the world
In this week’s newsletter: The Saturdays’ Mollie King explores the history of Britain’s dominant female groups in Where It’s At. Plus: five of the most underrated podcasts

Alexi Duggins, Hollie Richardson, Hannah Verdier and Rachel Aroesti

16, Nov, 2023 @9:45 AM

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Labor to overhaul misinformation bill after objections over freedom of speech
‘Clarifications on religious freedom’ to be reconsidered, says communications minister Michelle Rowland, after strong pushback from Coalition

Josh Taylor

13, Nov, 2023 @1:37 AM

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