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Dropped pills | No dogs harmed | King Charles’s P45 | Hoarding film canisters | Finding a snake’s clitoris | Nurses’ pay

Adrian Chiles sparks several memories (I’m on nine pills a day now – and I’m not even what you might call ill, 14 December). One is the time when, filling daily boxes with 14 pills for someone I look after, I dropped an antidepressant and the cat beat me to it. After lengthy phone calls with the vet, we sat out the day nervously, hoping it would not be fatal. The cat, meanwhile, had the happiest, craziest day of its life and lived to tell the tale.
David Sands
Wimpole, Cambridgeshire

• Teresa Quayle needn’t be too shocked to see Felicity Cloake holding a dog while handling food (Letters, 15 December). I’m sure that, as an experienced and responsible food journalist, Ms Cloake would have made sure that she wasn’t handling anything that the dog was allergic to.
Andrew Connell
Streatham, London

• If King Charles really is still “on probation” (Editorial, 15 December), it suggests he can have his contract of employment as monarch terminated. Who has the power to do that? Last time parliament did it, his namesake was beheaded. Maybe a P45 will suffice this time.
Derrick Cameron

• Surely some of your readers, in clearing the homes of recently deceased relatives (Letters, 14 December), must have come across collections of empty film canisters?
Steven Burkeman

• You report an interesting finding (Snakes have clitorises: scientists overcome ‘a massive taboo around female genitalia’, 14 December). A follow-up study is required to discover if male snakes can locate it.
Norman Fitt

• I wonder what our NHS nurses might be earning if they were all men (Former Tory ministers join calls for Sunak to negotiate with nurses, 15 December)?
Adrian Smith

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