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Asda ditches pledge to sell only British beef over higher prices
Supermarket says 20% rise in price forced move to also stock cheaper Irish beef

Joanna Partridge

07, Jan, 2022 @1:08 PM

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‘It’ll take away our livelihoods’: Welsh farmers on rewilding and carbon markets
Despite attempts to integrate them into moves to tackle the biodiversity crisis, some farmers still feel sidelined and criticised

Tom Levitt

28, Dec, 2021 @11:30 AM

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Supermarkets drop Brazilian beef products linked to deforestation
Sainsbury’s is one of six European supermarkets to stop selling some or all beef products from South American country

Andrew Wasley

16, Dec, 2021 @5:18 PM

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Australian beef linked to deforestation could end up part of post-Brexit trade deal
Investigation finds areas of cleared land in Queensland likely to be habitats for threatened species

Tom Levitt and Zach Boren

15, Dec, 2021 @7:00 AM

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Hold the beef: McDonald’s avoids the bold step it must take to cut emissions
The company has announced big sustainability initiatives – but absent are the menu changes needed to significantly reduce beef production

Tom Perkins

10, Dec, 2021 @1:00 PM

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World’s largest lab-grown steak unveiled by Israeli firm
MeaTech 3D created the 4oz steak using 3D printing with real bovine cells that mature into muscle and fat

Damian Carrington Environment editor

08, Dec, 2021 @4:50 PM

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Palm oil land grabs ‘trashing’ environment and displacing people
Growing rush for land is destroying ecosystems and disrupting lives to satisfy global demand for goods, study warns

Kaamil Ahmed

15, Nov, 2021 @7:30 AM

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What is deforestation – and is stopping it really possible?
As world leaders prepare to commit to halting the destruction of forests, here’s everything you need to know about some of the planet’s most biodiverse places

Patrick Greenfield

01, Nov, 2021 @1:15 PM

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How to make the perfect pad kra pao, or Thai stir-fry – recipe | Felicity Cloake's How to make the perfect …
Our resident perfectionist puts the Thai street food stir-fry through its paces

Felicity Cloake

13, Oct, 2021 @11:00 AM

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How to turn spent coffee grounds into a rub – recipe | Waste not
Spent coffee grounds can be transformed into a meat rub, ready to deliver intense flavour for slow-cooked meats and even tofu

Tom Hunt

02, Oct, 2021 @5:00 AM

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Less meat is good for us and the planet – why are politicians shy to say so? | Felicity Lawrence
A Guardian investigation reveals exploitation is rife in the meat industry, while also being a major source of greenhouse gases. Yet we still subsidise it

Felicity Lawrence

30, Sep, 2021 @10:21 AM

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‘It’s not the cow, it’s the how’: why a long-time vegetarian became beef’s biggest champion
Nicolette Hahn Niman was an environmental lawyer who became a cattle rancher, and didn’t eat meat for 33 years. For both the ecosystem and human health, she argues, it’s how animals are farmed that matters

Patrick Barkham

30, Aug, 2021 @9:00 AM

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