Thaksin Shinawatra

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The Guardian view on Thailand's protests and the king: the end of deference | Editorial
Editorial: Demonstrations reflect a longstanding appetite for democracy – but challenging the monarchy breaches a taboo


15, Oct, 2020 @6:18 PM

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The Guardian view on Thailand’s election: staving off the real reckoning | Editorial
Editorial: The political soap opera around a princess’s brief candidacy has further exposed the dangerous rifts within the country. Until they are addressed, the cycle of elections, unrest and coups is likely to continue


17, Feb, 2019 @6:25 PM

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Princess's shock entry to election race upends Thai politics | Simon Tisdall
In what looks like a Thaksin Shinawatra masterstroke, the junta now has a real challenger

Simon Tisdall

08, Feb, 2019 @12:37 PM

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Thailand to hold elections on 24 March
After repeated postponements, polls will be first since military coup in 2014

Hannah Ellis-Petersen South-east Asia correspondent

23, Jan, 2019 @12:59 PM

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Ousted Thai PM says junta's draft constitution is a charade
Thaksin Shinawatra says army rule will isolate Thailand and make it look like Myanmar before reforms

Oliver Holmes in Bangkok

22, Feb, 2016 @7:48 AM

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New anti-corruption law in Thailand extends death penalty to foreigners
Previous legislation allowed the death penalty for Thai officials convicted of bribery, though apparently no one was ever executed for the crime

15, Jul, 2015 @4:06 AM

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The Guardian view on military rule in Thailand | Editorial
Editorial: Thailand’s generals have failed: it is time that democracy, in spite of its problems, is restored


19, Feb, 2015 @7:54 PM

Thailand: waiting for democracy | Editorial

Editorial: The broad story of Thai politics over the years has been one in which the country's establishment has used the political system to play out their own quarrels and rivalries


22, May, 2014 @7:20 PM

Thailand army declares martial law, denies coup
The Thai military declared martial law in the early hours of Tuesday morning, after months of anti-government protests and unrest, but denied they are staging a coup d'etat.

Helen Davidson and Matthew Weaver

20, May, 2014 @1:45 PM

Thai prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra forced to step down

Niwatthamrong Boonsongpaisan named as replacement until July election after court finds Shinawatra guilty of abusing power

Kate Hodal in Bangkok

08, May, 2014 @5:20 AM

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Redshirts in Isan, north-east Thailand, keep faith with benefactor Thaksin

Rural minority support the return of the exiled former prime minister, who improved their standard of living

Bruno Philip

24, Mar, 2014 @10:00 AM

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Thailand needs friends to help it through its crisis | Jonathan Prentice
Jonathan Prentice: Neither the government nor protesters are entirely right. Compromise is required to confront existential challenges

Jonathan Prentice

21, Mar, 2014 @1:45 PM

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