Tax havens

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Panama Papers whistleblower speaks out: ‘Politicians must act – now’
In first public comments since 2016, leaker discusses their life in hiding and leaders’ failure to clamp down on tax havens

Juliette Garside and Philip Oltermann

22, Jul, 2022 @9:00 AM

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Are the dead shellfish littering our beaches evidence of a toxic waste cover-up? | George Monbiot
Environmentalists fear a toxic disaster is occurring on the seabed, and the government denials seem less and less plausible, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot

George Monbiot

06, Jun, 2022 @7:00 AM

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G20 ministers urged to use oligarch crackdown to tackle tax havens
Heavyweight economists demand a global register to stop the wealthiest depriving countries of what they owe

Joanna Partridge

19, Apr, 2022 @5:00 AM

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When it comes to international financial fraud, New Zealand is far from squeaky clean | Max Rashbrooke
Weak regulations mean authorities have no idea how much money is channelled through the country by global fraudsters

Max Rashbrooke

14, Apr, 2022 @2:56 AM

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Sunak’s worldview is more hedge fund manager than tech bro
Analysis: Unlike his predecessors, he has not criticised tax havens or pledged to go after tax avoiders

Rowena Mason Deputy political editor

11, Apr, 2022 @7:21 PM

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Rishi Sunak: a sorry tale of wealth, morality and tax | Letters
Letters: Dr Stephen Riley on how wealthy people collude to avoid tax and Hilary Cashman says people should be morally obliged to pay their fair share. Plus letters from Hugh Cooper, Adrian Carter, Angela Barton, Liz McInnes and Sue Wallace


11, Apr, 2022 @5:03 PM

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No 10 unable to confirm whether other ministers have non-dom status
Independent adviser on ministers’ interests is to examine Rishi Sunak’s case, Downing Street says

Peter Walker Political correspondent

11, Apr, 2022 @12:45 PM

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The Observer view on the Sunak family’s tax affairs | Observer editorial
The chancellor still has many questions to answer but it is clear that he has further damaged citizens’ trust in UK democracy

Observer editorial

10, Apr, 2022 @5:00 AM

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Akshata Murty may have avoided up to £20m in tax with non-dom status
Pressure grows on chancellor over tax affairs of wife, who pays £30,000 a year to be classed as non-domiciled

Peter Walker, Kalyeena Makortoff, Graeme Wearden, Jessica Elgot and Rupert Neate

07, Apr, 2022 @7:09 PM

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Akshata Murty’s non-dom status is totally legal – and perfectly toxic for Rishi Sunak | Gaby Hinsliff
In failing to take the initiative over his family’s wealth, the chancellor has dented his own brand, says Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff

Gaby Hinsliff

07, Apr, 2022 @4:57 PM

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Of course Rishi Sunak’s wife is a non-dom. For the Tories, hyper-wealth is normal
As the cost of living crisis starts to bite, Britain’s spectacle of injustice and profiteering may ignite public indignation, says Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee

Polly Toynbee

07, Apr, 2022 @4:12 PM

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We were leaked the Panama Papers. Here’s how to bring down Putin’s cronies | Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer
The jurisdictions that help kleptocrats live in luxury on stolen assets must stop shielding corrupt elites

Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer

29, Mar, 2022 @10:18 AM

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