Russian presidential election 2012

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The Guardian view on Putin’s power games: fake democracy | Editorial
Editorial: The Russian president cements his rule by simulating public choice, but he cannot extinguish hope of the real thing


11, Mar, 2020 @6:54 PM

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US-Russia agreement full of snags but best hope for peace in Syria
Staged ceasefire and reopening of aid are good starting points but complexities over forces opposed to Assad’s regime remain

Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor

10, Sep, 2016 @1:13 PM

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Moscow embraces 'hipster Stalinism'
Following the wildly popular transformation of Gorky Park from rusting funfair to Wi-Fi heaven, Muscovites finally felt as if their city was becoming liveable. But with more gentrifying projects on the cards, is it just a way to silence dissent?

Maryam Omidi in Moscow

12, Dec, 2014 @7:30 AM

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Pussy Riot members take Kremlin to European court of human rights
Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova demand compensation over their 2012 arrest, trial and imprisonment

Alec Luhn in Moscow

28, Jul, 2014 @4:59 PM

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Russian election chief criticises US democracy
Putin loyalist Vladimir Churov denounces US election practices as not direct, not universal, not equal and not secret

Howard Amos in Moscow

31, Oct, 2012 @11:28 AM

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Kremlin chemicals induced storm to rain on anti-Putin parade, says MP

Officials dismiss claims silver iodide was used to dampen protests in Moscow, saying Russia wanted no rain at all

Howard Amos in Moscow

14, Jun, 2012 @11:43 AM

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Eyewitness: Kremlin, Moscow
Photographs from the Guardian Eyewitness series

08, May, 2012 @9:15 AM

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Vladimir Putin inaugurated as Russian president amid Moscow protests
Putin sworn in as riot police, backed by armoured cars, empty streets of protesters and detain more than 100

Miriam Elder in Moscow

07, May, 2012 @4:06 PM

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Vladimir Putin inaugurated amid Russian discontent – video

Vladimir Putin is sworn in for a six-year term as president of Russia in the Kremlin on Monday. Putin appeals for unity, and pledges to respect and protect the people

07, May, 2012 @12:16 PM

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Marina Salye
Russian democrat and implacable opponent of Putin

Luke Harding

28, Mar, 2012 @4:23 PM

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Pussy Riot vs Vladimir Putin: the feminist punk band jailed for cathedral protest

Supporters at anti-Putin rally in Moscow call for release of alleged members of band

Kevin O'Flynn

11, Mar, 2012 @12:07 AM

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Putin's win is a hollow victory for a Russian free press
Peter Preston: Many journalists have been killed in the 12 years since Putin came to power – how many more will now die?

Peter Preston

11, Mar, 2012 @12:06 AM

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