Pervez Musharraf

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Pervez Musharraf’s wish to return to Pakistan reopens debate about his rule
The exile who once led a military dictatorship is in hospital and a spokesperson has said his wish to come home should be granted

Shah Meer Baloch in Islamabad

19, Jun, 2022 @12:00 AM

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Kidnap, torture, murder: the plight of Pakistan’s thousands of disappeared
Despite promises in opposition to end enforced abduction by the security forces, under Imran Khan’s government numbers have increased

Hannah Ellis-Petersen and a reporter in Quetta

14, Dec, 2020 @6:15 AM

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An interview with Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf pulls its punches – but hits harder than Morgan v Trump
Mohammed Naqvi makes no attempt to hide his support for ousted Pakistani leader General Pervez Musharraf in this otherwise intriguing documentary

Sam Wollaston

23, Jul, 2018 @10:15 PM

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Pakistan lifts travel ban on journalist whose scoop angered army
Cyril Almeida had been put on ‘exit control list’ following report about Pakistani army’s clandestine support for jihadi groups

Jon Boone in Islamabad

14, Oct, 2016 @3:52 PM

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Musharraf calls for end to Pakistan and India 'proxies' in Afghanistan
In an interview with the Guardian, former Pakistan president voices his support for Ashraf Ghani and hints that he cultivated the Taliban

Jon Boone in Karachi

13, Feb, 2015 @7:41 AM

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Nawaz Sharif’s government battles to regain the initiative in Pakistan
After protests led by Imran Khan that paralysed Islamabad, the prime minister tries to get his ambitious agenda back on track

Jon Boone in Islamabad

11, Nov, 2014 @6:25 PM

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Political crisis in Pakistan as media, politics and the military join the fray
As Imran Khan's supporters stage a sit-in on the streets of Islamabad, he reserves some of his ire for the Geo TV station

Jon Boone in Islamabad

29, Aug, 2014 @6:00 AM

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Pervez Musharraf makes first court appearance in treason case
Special court in Islamabad will rule on Friday whether it has jurisdiction to hear case against Pakistan's former president

Jon Boone in Islamabad

18, Feb, 2014 @2:51 PM

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Pervez Musharraf misses third court appearance after alleged heart attack
Former Pakistan army general on trial for treason has already missed two previous hearings due to bomb scares

Jon Boone in Islamabad

02, Jan, 2014 @3:44 PM

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Pervez Musharraf misses court date for treason trial
Ex-Pakistan president and head of army misses hearing after his lawyers claim explosives were found near his home

Jon Boone in Islamabad

01, Jan, 2014 @4:46 PM

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Pervez Musharraf freed after seven months of house arrest in Pakistan
Former military ruler is released after being granted bail in case involving murder of radical cleric

Jon Boone in Islamabad

07, Nov, 2013 @1:28 PM

Pakistan: the general is no longer untouchable | Editorial
Editorial: One way or another, the charges brought against Pervez Musharraf amount to the same thing: putting him on trial


20, Aug, 2013 @10:16 PM

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