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Nicola Trahan obituary
Member of the French resistance who served as a courier behind enemy lines during the second world war

Michael Smith

28, Feb, 2024 @5:35 PM

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Nachtland review – a provocative plunge into art history
The discovery of what could be a painting by Hitler leads to a moral quagmire in Patrick Marber’s punchy staging of Marius von Mayenburg’s play

David Jays

28, Feb, 2024 @11:55 AM

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Aryan homoeroticism and Lenin’s head: the museum showcasing Berlin’s unwanted statues
At the ancient citadel of Spandau, German history is redefined with rejected sculptures of figures ranging from Kant to Hitler

John Kampfner

23, Feb, 2024 @11:01 AM

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‘Of course I see the parallels to current affairs’: Babylon Berlin’s Liv Lisa Fries on playing an anti-Nazi fighter
Fries’s new role is as a real-life resistance fighter in From Hilde, With Love, opening at the Berlin film festival. She says her job is not to campaign against the AfD but to make people feel

Kate Connolly

16, Feb, 2024 @11:34 AM

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Robert Badinter obituary
French lawyer, justice minister and writer who dedicated his life to abolishing the death penalty in his native country

Kim Willsher

12, Feb, 2024 @3:03 PM

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Einstein on the run: how the world’s greatest scientist hid from Nazis in a Norfolk hut
The physicist’s refuge from assassins on a British heath changed the course of history, as a new docudrama shows

Donna Ferguson

10, Feb, 2024 @1:00 PM

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I stared at the chilling Holocaust photos: was the grandmother I never knew in them?
I can’t be sure, but a family account of her arrest and murder is evidence that she probably was, says former Observer writer of a deportation of Jews from the German city of Breslau

Robin Lustig

04, Feb, 2024 @11:00 AM

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The Jewish boy who became a Nazi mascot: the extraordinary story of Alex Kurzem
When a Melbourne man claimed he survived the Holocaust by becoming a child mascot for the Nazis, he attracted worldwide attention – and scepticism. Now a documentary reveals new startling truths

Kelly Burke

03, Feb, 2024 @7:00 PM

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The Zone of Interest invites us to face the Holocaust and ask: could we have done this? | Charlotte Higgins
Through an Auschwitz commandant’s family life, Jonathan Glazer’s chilling new film reminds us of the banality of evil, says Charlotte Higgins, the Guardian’s chief culture writer

Charlotte Higgins

03, Feb, 2024 @8:00 AM

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‘This was the most feared address in Amsterdam’: Steve McQueen takes us on a tour for Occupied City
It was a sobering but at times uplifting experience. Bianca Stigter and her husband Steve McQueen reveal how they made their four-hour film about the Nazi invasion that plunged their city into terror

Ellen E Jones

31, Jan, 2024 @4:45 PM

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‘Into the arms of strangers’: child refugees of Nazi Germany remember
At a Bundestag exhibition marking 85 years since the Kindertransport saved 10,000 children, most of them Jewish, Lord Dubs and Hella Pick recall humanity amid hatred

Kate Connolly in Berlin

31, Jan, 2024 @5:00 AM

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Why Boris Johnson – and other men like him – love the idea of conscription | Zoe Williams
War memorials might be set in stone, but the debate to bring back conscription only serves those who shamelessly peddle the sacrifice of others as their own writes Zoe Williams

Zoe Williams

29, Jan, 2024 @3:44 PM

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