Michel Temer

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The swashbuckling meat tycoons who nearly brought down a government
How the strange case of a former president secretly taped by industry executives revealed where power lies in Brazil

Dom Phillips

02, Jul, 2019 @1:00 PM

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Brazil’s former president Michel Temer arrested in corruption investigation
Temer arrested as part of Operation Car Wash, which led to the convictions of numerous members of Brazil’s political elite

Anna Jean Kaiser in Rio de Janeiro

21, Mar, 2019 @6:04 PM

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In Brazil and the US, democracy is at a crossroads | Jeffrey W Rubin
As the pro-torture Jair Bolsonaro edges closer to presidential victory, democracy in the Americas has rarely seemed so fragile, says Jeffrey W Rubin, professor of History at Boston University

Jeffrey W Rubin

08, Oct, 2018 @3:07 PM

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The Guardian view on Brazil’s elections: democracy in danger | Editorial
Editorial: The rightwing extremist Jair Bolsonaro is in the ascendant as Sunday’s poll approaches. He’s not Trump – he’s worse


04, Oct, 2018 @5:39 PM

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Brazil calls in army after mob attacks on Venezuelan migrants
Military takes control in attempt to defuse tension as angry locals storm camps set up by thousands fleeing poverty

Dom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro

02, Sep, 2018 @6:59 AM

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Michel Temer’s hardline policies are ruining Brazil | Letter
Letter: Despite having no mandate, the government has reversed social programmes that took 40 million people out of poverty, write Chris Williamson MP, Tariq Ali, Benjamin Zephaniah, trade unionists, academics and others


30, Aug, 2018 @4:47 PM

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Brazil's truck drivers reject concessions as strike goes into eighth day
Action over rising diesel prices forces closure of factories while protests against President Michel Temer continue in 25 states

Dom Phillips Rio de Janeiro

28, May, 2018 @10:08 PM

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Brazilian president sends in army as truck protest paralyzes country
São Paulo, the biggest city in South America, in state of emergency over fuel shortages while markets run out of food

Dom Phillips and Sam Cowie in São Paulo

25, May, 2018 @8:17 PM

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Samba-school carnival parade depicts troubled Brazil as 'monster'
Dance display features armed gangs, corrupt politicians, performers as victims of stray bullets and a child’s coffin

Dom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro

13, Feb, 2018 @5:47 PM

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Accused of corruption, popularity near zero – why is Temer still Brazil's president?
Michel Temer may escape impeachment, but the ongoing political crisis undermines democracy and opens the door to authoritarian hardliners

Dom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro

17, Oct, 2017 @7:52 PM

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Brazil backtracks on plan to open up Amazon forest to mining
Campaigners welcome U-turn on Renca reserve but threat still exists as Brazil president has close ties to mining industry

Jonathan Watts

26, Sep, 2017 @2:04 PM

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Michel Temer is a legitimate president – and he’s putting Brazil back on its feet | Letters
Letters: Critics of Brazil’s president are wrong, writes Eduardo dos Santos, Brazilian ambassador to the UK. He is overseeing a social and economic renaissance


03, Sep, 2017 @5:37 PM

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