Thabo Mbeki

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UN to vote on new tax convention proposed by African states
Developing nations hope draft resolution will pave way for fresh talks on global tax policy

Anna Isaac

23, Nov, 2022 @6:00 AM

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Mel Gooding obituary
Writer on art who undertook interviews for the Artists’ Lives oral history project at the British Library

Cathy Courtney

03, Oct, 2021 @7:07 PM

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How South Africa’s action on Covid-19 contrasts sharply with its response to Aids
Country’s swift response is distinct from the handling of the HIV crisis 20 years ago. Have lessons been learnt?

Carien du Plessis in Johannesburg

27, May, 2020 @10:00 AM

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I lived through Aids denialism in South Africa. Morrison's slippery climate stance is doomed | Sisonke Msimang
Using tactics straight out of the Trump playbook, the PM has mocked those who are outspoken

Sisonke Msimang

22, Dec, 2019 @1:00 PM

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Pik Botha obituary
Long-serving South African foreign minister whose career survived the end of apartheid

Dan van der Vat

12, Oct, 2018 @3:09 PM

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South African government condemns satirical painting of Jacob Zuma's penis
R is for Respect by Anton Kannemeyer refers to controversy over The Spear, another painting depicting president’s genitalia, which led to 2012 protests

David Smith in Johannesburg

02, Oct, 2015 @5:47 PM

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'South Africa's silence on Zimbabwe instrumental in xenophobic attacks'
The ANC fought so hard for democracy at home yet covertly endorses an illegitimate government next door, says Blessing Vava

Blessing Vava in Chipinge

29, Apr, 2015 @8:49 AM

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Thabo Mbeki slams Jacob Zuma over brawl in South Africa parliament
Former president says successor should have answered opposition questions about use of taxpayers’ money to upgrade private residence

David Smith in Pretoria

13, Feb, 2015 @5:05 PM

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Cyril Ramaphosa in line of fire over profits from game farm
Deputy president of South Africa seeks to ease white farmers' anxieties as opponents say ANC is abandoning country's poor

David Smith in Johannesburg

08, Sep, 2014 @6:35 PM

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Zuma's position weakens as he loses battle to keep 'spy tapes' under wraps
Secret recordings were key to dropping of corruption and fraud allegations against the South African president

David Smith in Johannesburg

28, Aug, 2014 @3:27 PM

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Athol Fugard: 'Prejudice and racism are still alive and well in South Africa'
As the country’s greatest ever playwright takes to the stage for the last time, he tells David Smith why he will never lose his optimism for South Africa’s future

David Smith in Johannesburg

12, Aug, 2014 @1:35 PM

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Why South Africa should release apartheid's 'Prime Evil' assassin
Notorious killer Eugene de Kock was refused parole today in a case that has divided South Africa. But his imprisonment is meaningless while the real villains are still at large, says Justice Malala

Justice Malala

10, Jul, 2014 @4:58 PM

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