George Mitchell

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Hillary Clinton: Brexit must not undermine peace in Northern Ireland
Retired US senator says deal can survive post-Brexit turbulence if two governments cooperate

Dan Roberts and Henry McDonald

09, Apr, 2018 @10:03 PM

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US commitment to Northern Ireland peace 'should be applied to Afghanistan'
Just like in Ulster, peace in Afghanistan can only be achieved with a long-term commitment, former US diplomat says

Henry McDonald, Ireland correspondent

13, May, 2014 @11:34 AM

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It's a changing 'special relationship' as the US shifts its focus away from the UK | Trina Vargo

Trina Vargo: Although the US is focused on Asia and the Middle East, it shouldn't end programs like the Mitchell Scholarships

Trina Vargo

08, May, 2013 @12:30 PM

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Syrian President Assad could be tried for war crimes, says ex-peace envoy

George Mitchell tells peace conference in Dublin that brutal crackdown on Syrian opposition may warrant Assad's indictment

Henry McDonald in Dublin

28, Apr, 2012 @11:26 AM

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George Mitchell resigns as US Middle East peace envoy

Departure underlines impasse of Israelis and Palestinians; Obama praises his role and earlier success in Northern Ireland

Ewen MacAskill in Washington

13, May, 2011 @9:49 PM

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Gaza war report was stalled by Palestinian Authority on US request

Papers reveal PA held up Goldstone report from UN security council and suggest Abbas was warned of 2008 invasion

Seumas Milne and Ian Black

26, Jan, 2011 @8:00 PM

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Palestinian distrust of Iran revealed in leaked papers
Mahmoud Abbas asked businessman to donate $50m to Mahmoud Ahamdinejad opponents, according to the documents

Ian Black and Seumas Milne

26, Jan, 2011 @8:00 PM

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PLO urged Israel and Egypt to do more to prevent Gaza smuggling

Leaked documents underline hostility of PLO towards Hamas – but show Palestinian leadership willing to negotiate in long run

Ian Black and Seumas Milne

25, Jan, 2011 @8:00 PM

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Palestine papers: George Mitchell

US special envoy from 2009 combines resolve to bring Israelis and Palestinians together, with realistic take on likelihood of deal

Ian Black

24, Jan, 2011 @8:00 PM

David Mitchell: You can't blame the rich for paying as little tax as possible. I do the same

David Mitchell: The problem isn't that George Osborne is avoiding tax – but he could close the loophole which gives him and his friends such an advantage over the poor

David Mitchell

30, Oct, 2010 @11:07 PM

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US envoy George Mitchell back in Israel to renew push for talks
Abbas meeting planned after visit to Netanyahu as Palestinians offer hope of indirect negotiations

Rory McCarthy in Jerusalem

23, Apr, 2010 @9:03 PM

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US to resume talks with Israel despite Netanyahu's refusal to halt settlements
George Mitchell to combine meeting with PM with trip to Ramallah to see Mahmoud Abbas

Ewen MacAskill in Washington and Rory McCarthy in Jerusalem

22, Apr, 2010 @7:44 PM

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