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British police spy unlawfully operated in Germany, court finds
Undercover officer Mark Kennedy’s German deployment to infiltrate activist groups ‘objectively illegal’, says judge

Philip Oltermann in Berlin and Rob Evans

11, Oct, 2022 @3:03 PM

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How the UK lost its leading role in the global fight against corruption
The UK last hosted the G7 in 2013 but progress on David Cameron’s grand plans has been woeful

Patrick Wintour Diplomatic Editor

09, Jun, 2021 @4:00 AM

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Fifteen years after the G8 summit, it's the UK that's in dire need of aid
Like Brown in 2005, Sunak plans to help the vulnerable – but the similarities end there

Larry Elliott

05, Jul, 2020 @1:19 PM

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Police spies infiltrated G8 summit protesters in Scotland in 2005
Officers sent undercover to gather information about activists at Gleneagles

Rob Evans

07, Feb, 2018 @2:41 PM

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The IMF has choked Tunisia. No wonder the people are protesting | Jihen Chandoul
Since the 2011 uprising, the IMF – backed by the G8 – has imposed economic reforms on Tunisia, at a cost to ordinary people, writes Tunisian economist Jihen Chandoul

Jihen Chandoul

17, Jan, 2018 @1:59 PM

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Hypocrisy over Cuba’s human rights record | Letters
Letters: Our supposedly democratic countries routinely kettle and arrest hundreds of peaceful protesters


22, Mar, 2016 @7:25 PM

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Should we still bother with street protests?
Recent demonstrations against Air France executives and London’s Cereal Killer Café turned ugly, but past marches have achieved great things. Or have they?

Ed Vulliamy and Anne McElvoy

10, Oct, 2015 @3:00 PM

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Make poverty history? A decade on from Gleneagles, it is a genuine possibility | Adrian Lovett
The world has changed for the better since the Make Poverty History campaign – the question now is whether there is a will to see through its ambitions

Adrian Lovett

06, Jul, 2015 @9:13 AM

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Gleneagles’ promise to make poverty history has yet to be delivered
The G8 has fractured, but a global meeting of ministers in Addis Ababa this month must show willingness to ensure overseas aid is done better

Heather Stewart

05, Jul, 2015 @8:00 AM

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Cameron and Harman at PMQs - Politics live
Andrew Sparrow’s rolling coverage of all the day’s political developments as they happen, including David Cameron and Harriet Harman at PMQs and Cameron’s Commons statement on the G7 summit

Andrew Sparrow

10, Jun, 2015 @3:09 PM

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Richard Branson leads call to free global economy from carbon emissions
Prominent business leaders claim setting a net-zero emissions target for 2050 would push companies into reducing their reliance on fossil fuels

Fiona Harvey, environment correspondent

05, Feb, 2015 @5:00 AM

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Tax dodging won’t be curbed until poorest countries have a fairer say | Anders Dahlbeck
Anders Dahlbeck: The OECD is echoing campaigners’ concerns about whether developing countries will benefit from the G8’s tax crackdown

Anders Dahlbeck

08, Aug, 2014 @11:20 AM

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