François Fillon

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French appeal court upholds conviction of François Fillon for embezzlement
Former French prime minister and his wife, Penelope, found guilty, but their sentences are reduced

Kim Willsher in Paris

09, May, 2022 @2:05 PM

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Bold, haughty, hyper: will Macron throw it all away as France fights for its future?
The presidential election is his to lose. But the divisive forces of the far-right are on the march in a struggle that will resonate across Europe

Simon Tisdall

03, Oct, 2021 @8:00 AM

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The Guardian view on Nicolas Sarkozy: another name on the roll of dishonour | Editorial
Editorial: French society is no longer prepared to tolerate a culture of impunity at the top of politics


02, Mar, 2021 @7:00 PM

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I unwittingly revealed a French political scandal, but the Fillons' downfall gives me no pleasure | Kim Willsher
As a reporter I paid a price for my unwitting role in the ex-PM and his wife being tried for embezzlement, says foreign correspondent Kim Willsher

Kim Willsher

01, Jul, 2020 @1:49 PM

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François Fillon found guilty of embezzling public funds
Former French prime minister and wife Penelope given jail sentences over fake jobs scandal

Kim Willsher in Paris

29, Jun, 2020 @3:18 PM

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François Fillon goes on trial for embezzlement of public funds
Former French presidential candidate accused of misusing more than €1m to employ wife in allegedly non-existent role

Kim Willsher

23, Feb, 2020 @1:53 PM

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The twists and turns of France’s strangest ever presidential election
With the sitting president not on the ticket and big parties facing first-round defeat, this race has been unlike any before it

Jon Henley European affairs correspondent

07, May, 2017 @8:59 AM

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Macron will not change this crisis of globalisation | Letters
Letters: It is a grim choice for the majority in France who don’t like free trade and want tighter immigration controls, but who don’t want to vote for the extreme right, writes Colin Hines


25, Apr, 2017 @6:56 PM

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Macron and Le Pen go to second round in French election – as it happened
Independent Macron projected to have taken around 23% of vote with Front National leader Le Pen on roughly 22%; conservative François Fillon concedes

Jon Henley European affairs correspondent (earlier) and Bonnie Malkin (now)

24, Apr, 2017 @3:04 AM

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French presidential election: first round results in charts and maps
Voters in France went to the polls on Sunday in the first round of the presidential election. The top two candidates, independent Emmanuel Macron and far-right Marine Le Pen, go into a run-off in a fortnight. Find out where each drew most support and what happens next

Seán Clarke and Josh Holder

24, Apr, 2017 @12:56 AM

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The Guardian view on France’s election: a win for Macron and hope | Editorial
Editorial: In the first round in the race for the Élysée, the postwar parties have been humbled. France has voted for change


23, Apr, 2017 @7:49 PM

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François Fillon: defeat from jaws of victory for candidate tainted by scandal | Jon Henley and Mark Rice-Oxley
Former PM bows out after leading centre-right to rare defeat in first round of presidential election

Jon Henley and Mark Rice-Oxley

23, Apr, 2017 @7:12 PM

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