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Ireland’s Call: Navigating Brexit by Stephen Collins review – how Dublin got Brussels on side
Though a forensic study of the Brexit negotiations from an Irish perspective might sound dry, it is anything but

Rory Carroll

02, Nov, 2022 @12:00 PM

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Sinn Féin’s complicated history in Ireland | Letter
Letter: David McManus on a history of splits and name changes from 1905 to 1986


04, Jan, 2022 @5:57 PM

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UK criticises Leo Varadkar over united Ireland comments
Irish deputy PM’s remarks ‘unhelpful and ill-advised’, says Northern Ireland secretary

Rory Carroll Ireland correspondent

16, Jun, 2021 @1:48 PM

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EU trade chief faces fresh criticism over breaking Covid rules in Ireland
Phil Hogan gave more detail about his trip but said he was exempt from lockdown restrictions

Rory Carroll, Ireland correspondent

25, Aug, 2020 @8:55 PM

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After ‘golfgate’ the Irish people’s anger at their politicians is palpable | Una Mullally
The apparent breach of Covid-19 rules has broken what trust the public still had in its leaders, says Irish Times columnist Una Mullally

Una Mullally

24, Aug, 2020 @1:20 PM

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It’s not all rosy in Irish politics and society | Letters
Letters: Jim Cosgrove, Felix M Larkin and Joe McCarthy respond to an editorial on Ireland’s growing importance


21, Jul, 2020 @5:02 PM

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The Guardian view on Irish politics: an enviable beauty is born | Editorial
Editorial: As Britain cuts itself off from the modern world amid the delusions of Brexit, Ireland is playing its part with growing assurance


20, Jul, 2020 @6:05 PM

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Micheál Martin becomes Irish taoiseach in historic coalition
Fianna Fáil leader forms government with Fine Gael and Greens vowing end to ‘civil war politics’

Molly Blackall and agencies

27, Jun, 2020 @2:53 PM

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Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Greens agree deal to form Irish coalition
Agreement between three parties to form government needs to be ratified by members

Rory Carroll Ireland correspondent

15, Jun, 2020 @11:59 AM

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Ireland’s Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil close to forming coalition government
Party leaders agree to seek ‘full and equal partnership’ for five years and rotate taoiseach role

Rory Carroll Ireland correspondent

14, Apr, 2020 @5:25 PM

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Ireland's old political rivals hold talks over historic coalition
Coronavirus crisis spurs government formation talks between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil

Rory Carroll Ireland correspondent

26, Mar, 2020 @5:16 PM

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Hysteria over Sinn Féin entering government is about power, not the past | Brian Hanley
The party has smashed the two-party system, bringing hope for a change to the old order – which is fighting back, says historian Brian Hanley

Brian Hanley

25, Feb, 2020 @2:11 PM

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