Dmitry Medvedev

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Russian forces preparing for Ukrainian counteroffensive, says Medvedev
Former president also warns Moscow will use ‘absolutely any weapon’ if Kyiv attempts to retake Crimea

Pjotr Sauer

24, Mar, 2023 @1:00 PM

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For years, Putin didn’t invade Ukraine. What made him finally snap in 2022? | Anatol Lieven
This war is Russia’s fault. But European nations rebuffing Russia during the noughties did not help, says Anatol Lieven of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

Anatol Lieven

24, Feb, 2023 @3:43 PM

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Defensive missile systems erected on Moscow rooftops
Kremlin appears to prepare for strikes on Russian capital by installing interception systems

Andrew Roth in Moscow

19, Jan, 2023 @7:41 PM

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Dancing in the limelight: when world leaders take to the dancefloor
Sanna Marin follows in a long line of politicians filmed dancing, some more enthusiastically than others

Jon Henley

19, Aug, 2022 @1:11 PM

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‘I hate them’: Dmitry Medvedev’s journey from liberal to anti-western hawk
Critics say former Russian leader’s furious tirades are a desperate attempt to retain political relevance

Shaun Walker

01, Aug, 2022 @10:44 AM

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Putin adviser promises legal action against attempts to seize Russian assets
Ex-president Dmitry Medvedev says businesses subject to sanctions will take action in international courts

Jasper Jolly

06, Apr, 2022 @1:55 PM

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Russia reasserts right to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine
Senior politician Dmitry Medvedev says Moscow’s nuclear doctrine does not require enemy state to use such weapons first

Daniel Boffey in Lviv

26, Mar, 2022 @11:42 AM

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Ukraine suspends 11 political parties with links to Russia
Zelenskiy says parties such as Viktor Medvedchuk’s Opposition Platform for Life are ‘aimed at division or collusion’

Pjotr Sauer

20, Mar, 2022 @2:37 PM

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Putin orders troops into eastern Ukraine on ‘peacekeeping duties’
Russian deployment follows decision to recognise territories in south-east will be viewed in Ukraine and by other western allies as an occupation

Andrew Roth in Moscow and Julian Borger in Washington

21, Feb, 2022 @11:48 PM

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The Guardian view on Putin and power: he’s not going anywhere | Editorial
Editorial: The Russian president is laying the groundwork to perpetuate his rule when his term ends in four years


16, Jan, 2020 @6:43 PM

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Dmitry Medvedev: the rise and fall of the Robin to Putin’s Batman
The Russian prime minister’s position had been weakening long before his resignation

Luke Harding

15, Jan, 2020 @7:46 PM

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Russian officials appropriating jets for family and lovers, says activist
Anticorruption activist Alexei Navalny says PM Dmitry Medvedev and head of VTB Bank using aircraft illegally

Andrew Roth in Moscow

04, Dec, 2019 @4:51 PM

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