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Boom founder Blake Scholl: from high school dropout to supersonic high-flyer
The man who aims to bring a ‘son of Concorde’ to the skies – and do it sustainably – found his project tapped into the passions of employees and investors alike

Rupert Neate

27, Aug, 2022 @3:00 PM

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United Airlines aims to revive Concorde spirit with supersonic planes
Company places order for 15 Boom Overture jets capable of travelling twice as fast as modern airliners

Staff and agency

03, Jun, 2021 @6:16 PM

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Catastrophic failure of Ukraine jet in Iran suggests missile strike
Experts say debris fragments and sudden loss of fail-safe systems point to missile

Peter Beaumont

09, Jan, 2020 @8:42 PM

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HS2’s friends in the north should take a closer look | Letters
Letters: Prof Paul Salveson supports high-speed rail but does not believe the scheme represents value for money, Andrew Pendleton says it will deepen the existing regional divide, while John O’Dwyer thinks it is the wrong business model


24, Mar, 2019 @6:22 PM

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Supersonic flight: will it ever rise out of the ashes of Concorde?
Flying at twice the speed of sound was the preserve of the rich. If supersonic flight roars back to the skies, could it be more affordable?

Dave Hall

05, Jun, 2018 @5:00 AM

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Take the kids to … Aerospace Bristol
Boarding Concorde takes pride of place at this extensive new museum dedicated to Bristol’s role in aviation history

Kari Herbert

06, Feb, 2018 @10:51 AM

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Last Concorde goes on show at new Aerospace Bristol museum
Supersonic plane, known as Alpha Foxtrot, is the star attraction at £19m museum that showcases Bristol’s aviation achievements

Steven Morris

16, Oct, 2017 @3:40 PM

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Concorde was the flying Brexit: a different era but the same mistakes
Nationalistic fantasies about future export strengths, an ill-informed public debate and political deceit all masked the economic disaster that was Concorde

Tom Kelsey

21, Jul, 2017 @7:00 AM

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Atmospheric sound channels – good for sleuths but not UFOs
Weatherwatch US army efforts in 1947 to put ‘wiretapping’ balloons in the mesosphere led to flying saucer tales but ultimately to scientists finding natural channels of communication

David Hambling

11, Jul, 2017 @8:30 PM

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Concorde's maiden flight was 40 years ago today
Concorde’s first commercial flight was in January 1976. Twelve years after its retirement, enthusiasts are hoping to see it airborne again – and a new generation of supersonic aircraft is in development

Will Coldwell

21, Jan, 2016 @11:37 AM

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New era beckons for supersonic air travel
Passengers could break the sound barrier again as technology delivers faster but quieter jets

Stuart Clark

11, Oct, 2015 @9:00 AM

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Cameron beware: when the super-rich are scorned, they take supersize revenge | Peter Bradshaw
It’s not just Lord Ashcroft’s bulldozing of the prime minister. Hedge-fund antics in the US show the wealthy take payback to a higher level

Peter Bradshaw

25, Sep, 2015 @7:05 PM

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