Cargo plane bomb plot

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Fake bomb found on cargo plane
Man arrested in London as investigation is launched into hoax device placed on UPS flight to Istanbul

Jonathan Paige

30, Mar, 2011 @12:40 AM

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Al-Qaida may have lost some gloss, but it has not been beaten
Despite setbacks, its network can still recruit bombers and send them into the enemy heartland

Julian Borger

14, Dec, 2010 @2:01 PM

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Cargo plane bomb found in Britain was primed to blow up over US
Device thought to have been sent by Yemen-based al-Qaida made safe three hours from explosion

Vikram Dodd, Richard Norton-Taylor, and Paul Harris in New York

10, Nov, 2010 @8:39 PM

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Yemen won't be another Afghanistan | Christopher Preble

Christopher Preble: The cargo plane plot has moved Yemen up the US's counter-terror agenda. But no one envisages 'boots on the ground'

Christopher Preble

10, Nov, 2010 @8:30 PM

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Cargo plane bomb 'timed to detonate over US'
Ink cartridge bomb found on cargo plane at East Midlands airport was set to detonate over eastern seaboard

Vikram Dodd, crime correspondent

10, Nov, 2010 @5:39 PM

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French claim that Yemen cargo bomb was 'about to explode' dismissed

Brice Hortefeux, France's interior minister, proposes '17 minutes to blast' theory – but investigators say they are unsure when device was set to detonate

Vikram Dodd, Richard Norton-Taylor and Dan Milmo

04, Nov, 2010 @8:12 PM

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It's been a bad week for 500g ink cartridges

The ink-cartridge bomb plot has highlighted a rather pathetic phenomenon: how inanimate objects can become victims of global terror

Deborah Orr

04, Nov, 2010 @9:00 AM

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Terrorism: the threat shifts to Yemen – and Africa
The Saudis tipped Britain off about last week's bomb – but as new dangers emerge, Britain needs to cultivate new friends

Richard Norton-Taylor, security editor

03, Nov, 2010 @8:13 PM

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Member of cargo bomb group 'had already been arrested in UK'
Theresa May reveals member of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula was arrested this year for terrorist plot on UK

Alan Travis and Haroon Siddique

03, Nov, 2010 @12:52 PM

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PM orders inquiry into delay in telling him of air cargo terror alert
It took 10 hours to tell David Cameron there was a terrorist alert in Britain. An inquiry is intended to ensure there is not a repeat

Patrick Wintour, political editor

02, Nov, 2010 @8:44 PM

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UK-France treaties will help defeat terrorism, says David Cameron
British PM and French president sign 50-year treaties to facilitate closer co-operation between the countries' armed forces and on their nuclear deterrents

Haroon Siddique

02, Nov, 2010 @2:09 PM

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Cargo plane bomb plot: UK steps up security checks on airline passengers

Theresa May outlines pre-departure checks on inbound and outbound travellers, amid questions over initial response to alert

Ian Cobain

01, Nov, 2010 @9:38 PM

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