Cape Verde

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Boom time for Cape Verde’s sea turtles as conservation pays off
The number of nesting sites on the archipelago has risen dramatically, but global heating sees male population plummet

Annika Hammerschlag

26, Oct, 2021 @8:00 AM

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Cape Verde’s ‘fish detectives’ try to keep extinction at bay
As boats from bigger islands flock to fish off Maio, locals take turns to safeguard their pristine waters

Annika Hammerschlag in Cape Verde

21, Sep, 2021 @5:30 AM

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Brazilian strain of Zika virus confirmed in Africa, says WHO
Type of virus blamed for South American birth abnormalities found in Cape Verde, which has had three cases of microcephaly

Nicola Davis and agencies

20, May, 2016 @2:39 PM

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Seven videos that will give you hope about LGBTI rights around the world
There’s a long way to go before LGBTI people can be free of fear of violence and discrimination, but these seven videos suggest acceptance is growing

Naomi Larsson and Anna Leach

12, Feb, 2016 @11:30 AM

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Pedro Costa: Portuguese director who fashioned Gil Scott-Heron's film prayer
With the dreamlike film Horse Money, Costa has returned to his most powerful and enduring subject: the Cape Verdean diaspora who inhabit Lisbon’s shadows. He explains how the project began as a collaboration with the US rapper and poet

Jonathan Romney

17, Sep, 2015 @11:35 AM

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Botswana president Ian Khama hopes for triumph at challenging polls
Retired general standing for re-election aims to defy critics who rate him authoritarian and eager to impose ‘puritanical discipline’

David Smith, Africa correspondent

21, Oct, 2014 @7:29 PM

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Mayra Andrade review – languid world music, with jazz excursions

The Cape Verdean singer was at her best when she remembered her roots, writes Robin Denselow

Robin Denselow

11, Mar, 2014 @12:51 PM

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Africa is not rising, survey shows

Research suggests that the boom benefits only a narrow elite while leaving the poor and unemployed behind, says David Smith

David Smith Africa correspondent

02, Oct, 2013 @3:54 PM

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The former air traffic controller behind Cape Verde's football fairytale
Lúcio Antunes has coached the tiny country's team past Goliaths to the quarter-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations

David Smith in Port Elizabeth

01, Feb, 2013 @2:12 PM

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Air traffic controller directs Cape Verde football team to sporting glory

Part-time coach leads team representing tiny island nation to quarter-finals of Africa Cup of Nations

David Smith in Johannesburg

28, Jan, 2013 @7:15 PM

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Eurozone crisis will cost world's poorest countries $238bn

Overseas Development Institute says knock-on effect of sovereign debt crisis will hit trade, aid and investment

Larry Elliott, Economics editor

21, Jun, 2012 @9:00 PM

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Big picture: Sandgrains, by Francesca Tosarelli

Destruction of the beaches and overfishing has brought drastic environmental consequences to Cape Verde, says Hannah Booth

Hannah Booth

19, May, 2012 @9:59 PM

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