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What uncovering my family's Nazi history taught me about how we approach the past | Géraldine Schwarz
Heinous crimes committed years ago cannot be excused by appealing to the ‘social context’ of the age, says author Géraldine Schwarz

Géraldine Schwarz

02, Apr, 2021 @6:00 AM

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Goodbye Cecil Rhodes: House renamed to lose link to British empire builder in Africa
London housing block residents choose location-led name, having rejected option to reflect black historical figures

Matthew Weaver

18, Mar, 2021 @7:09 PM

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Gilbert and George on their epic Covid artworks: 'This is an enormously sad time'
The artists have responded to the pandemic with comic, haunting works showing themselves being buffeted around a chaotic London. They talk about lines of coffins, illegal raves and ‘shameful’ statue-toppling

Jonathan Jones

01, Mar, 2021 @6:00 AM

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Empireland by Sathnam Sanghera and Slave Empire by Padraic X Scanlan – review
Wilful amnesia ... two fascinating journeys through Britain’s imperial past and present suggest attitudes must change

Fara Dabhoiwala

29, Jan, 2021 @8:04 AM

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Imperialism and the British class system | Letters
Letter: Dr Ellen McAdam on interpreting Britain’s imperialist legacy, comparing other cultures to find the roots of empire, and class-based prejudice


15, Jan, 2021 @6:21 PM

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New Year honours 2021: citizens awarded for response to pandemic crisis
Among those honoured are health and social care workers, Covid response volunteers, virus experts and fund-raising centenarians

Alexandra Topping

30, Dec, 2020 @10:30 PM

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Nonfiction to look out for in 2021
Biographies of Philip Roth and DH Lawrence, and the curious death of Robert Maxwell

Rachel Cooke

27, Dec, 2020 @10:00 AM

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In 1953, Britain openly removed an elected government, with tragic consequences | Gaiutra Bahadur
The overthrow of Guyana’s ruling party by colonial forces fomented a racial divide, writes professor and author Gaiutra Bahadur

Gaiutra Bahadur

30, Oct, 2020 @11:55 AM

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Hugh Walker obituary
Other lives: Colonial service administrator who switched to the BBC Somali Service and then moved to Hong Kong

Lesley Curwen

19, Oct, 2020 @7:07 PM

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Black History Month needs a wider focus | Letter
Letter: British colonial exploitation affected many countries, and the descendants of those who suffered should also have the opportunity to explore and criticise it, writes Peter Rowlands


18, Oct, 2020 @4:32 PM

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David Hume was a complex man. Erasing his name is too simplistic a gesture | Kenan Malik
Taking the philosopher’s name off a tower ignores history and is no help to the present

Kenan Malik

20, Sep, 2020 @7:15 AM

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UK needs a museum of colonialism, says historian William Dalrymple
White Mughals author, speaking at the Jaipur literature festival, says it is ‘not a matter of being woke’ and children should learn about imperial history

Alison Flood

16, Sep, 2020 @12:25 PM

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