Anwar al-Awlaki

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'YouTube Islamist' Anwar al-Awlaki videos removed in extremism clampdown
Google removes tens of thousands of videos showing sermons and lectures by radical cleric, but experts caution over ad-hoc action

Alex Hern

13, Nov, 2017 @12:15 PM

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Eight-year-old American girl 'killed in Yemen raid approved by Trump'
Anwar al-Awlaki’s daughter, Nawar, may have been fatally shot in intelligence operation on al-Qaida that left at least 14 people, including a US commando, dead

Spencer Ackerman , Jason Burke and Julian Borger

01, Feb, 2017 @2:58 PM

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London man accused of aiding al-Qaida faces life sentence in US after extradition
Ming Quang Pham is charged with several counts stemming from his alleged training and propaganda work with al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula

Jon Swaine

03, Mar, 2015 @9:08 PM

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Why was US citizen Sharif Mobley abandoned in Yemen? | Cori Crider
One year after the State Department closed the US embassy, the whereabouts of Mobley, a father of three from New Jersey, are still unknown.

Cori Crider

27, Feb, 2015 @1:18 PM

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The road that led from tough Paris estate to radical Yemen training
Killer brothers travelled the route taken by a growing cadre of young men

Jason Burke

10, Jan, 2015 @4:23 PM

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Paul Greengrass lined up for adaptation of Morten Storm's al-Qaida memoir

After Captain Phillips, Greengrass could take on another blockbusting real-life story in a film version of Morten Storm's tale of radicalisation and eventual defection

Ben Beaumont-Thomas

29, Jul, 2014 @7:47 AM

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US diplomats admit contact in Yemen with missing citizen Sharif Mobley
Mobley unavailable to lawyers since February as attorney says: 'US officials are mixed up in this detention'

Spencer Ackerman in New York

25, Jul, 2014 @6:41 PM

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Obama's 'drone memo' is finally public. Now show us the library of secret law | Jameel Jaffer
Jameel Jaffer: To this administration, transparency comes in the form of deleted pages. But too much of America's legal excuse for killing an American citizen remains classified

Jameel Jaffer

24, Jun, 2014 @10:45 AM

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US cited controversial law in decision to kill American citizen by drone
Court documents reveal Obama administration cited law blessing global war against al-Qaida in killing of Anwar al-Awlaki

Spencer Ackerman in New York

23, Jun, 2014 @5:48 PM

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US Senate clears way for drone memo author's judicial nomination
David Barron, Harvard law professor who drafted key memo authorizing controversial targeted killing program, poised to become federal judge

Dan Roberts in Washington

21, May, 2014 @8:52 PM

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Lawyers for US citizen missing from Yemeni jail ask UN to intervene
Sharif Mobley's attorneys consider him to be 'disappeared' from central prison in Sana'a, as he has not been seen since 27 February

Spencer Ackerman in New York

02, May, 2014 @6:42 PM

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American citizen Sharif Mobley is missing in Yemen – lawyers
State Department declines to comment on case lawyer says is a 'textbook disappearance'

Spencer Ackerman in New York

10, Apr, 2014 @10:18 PM

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