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Despite its anti-corruption creativity, India is still a one man, one bribe democracy | Craig Jeffrey
The zero-rupee notes currently circulating may shame a few bribe-taking bureaucrats, but will they really make a dent on Indian corruption?

Craig Jeffrey

06, Apr, 2015 @1:35 PM

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Lokpal bill to create Indian anti-corruption watchdog approved
Parliament passes law creating independent official's office to prosecute cases of misconduct by politicians

Jason Burke in Delhi

18, Dec, 2013 @2:35 PM

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Lokpal bill: will it really change India's corruption culture?
The contentious lokpal bill, spurred by Anna Hazare's hunger strike, will empower an independent watchdog to investigate and prosecute corruption cases

Guardian readers

18, Dec, 2013 @10:43 AM

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Indian activist Anna Hazare on hunger strike as MPs debate anti-graft bill
Campaigner and his team say proposal to create anti-corruption ombudsman will not stamp out endemic petty bribery

Jason Burke in Delhi

27, Dec, 2011 @10:43 PM

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Indian mining magnates arrested for alleged corruption offences
Powerful brothers-in-law taken in as part of a move to combat corruption in wake of Anna Hazare's protests last month

Maseeh Rahman in Delhi

05, Sep, 2011 @4:25 PM

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Anna Hazare ends hunger strike after Indian government backs down
Anti-corruption campaigner quits 12-day fast, vowing to resume if law tackling corruption and misgovernance is not introduced

Maseeh Rahman in Delhi

28, Aug, 2011 @1:12 PM

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The dead end of globalisation looms before our youth | Pankaj Mishra

Pankaj Mishra: Even in the west there is little chance of stable jobs or affordable education. Across the world the rage will grow

Pankaj Mishra

25, Aug, 2011 @8:00 PM

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Anna Hazare: 'I will not step back' – video

Indian anti-corruption activist, who is on hunger strike, hits out at government

24, Aug, 2011 @4:24 PM

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Anna Hazare's personality cult isn't the answer to corruption in India | Ashok Bery
Ashok Bery: It's one thing to tap into a public mood, quite another to devise viable anti-corruption systems – that's what democracy is for

Ashok Bery

24, Aug, 2011 @3:00 PM

Response: India's anti-corruption leader Anna Hazare cannot yet be compared to Gandhi
Response: To become a potent force for reform, his campaign has to embrace politics, says Suhit Sen

Suhit Sen

23, Aug, 2011 @5:59 PM

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Anna Hazare's anti-corruption protest sees Delhi signal compromise

Indian PM calls summit, although hunger striker accused of ignoring more urgent issues and backing xenophobic politicians

Jason Burke in Delhi

23, Aug, 2011 @4:42 PM

Anna Hazare: the divisive face of a new India | profile
Profile: The veteran activist, on hunger strike over his country's corruption, has thousands of followers – though others harbour serious misgivings

Jason Burke

20, Aug, 2011 @11:07 PM

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