Abu Qatada

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James Brokenshire obituary
Highly respected Conservative MP and minister who served as secretary of state for Northern Ireland

Stephen Bates

10, Oct, 2021 @12:55 PM

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Twitter accounts of Abu Qatada and other key al-Qaida figures suspended
Jihadi scholars’ accounts focused mostly on war in Syria and frequently attacked Islamic State

Emma Graham-Harrison

26, Dec, 2016 @6:55 PM

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How Isis crippled al-Qaida | Shiv Malik, Ali Younes, Spencer Ackerman, Mustafa Khalili
The long read: The inside story of the coup that has brought the world’s most feared terrorist network to the brink of collapse

Shiv Malik, Mustafa Khalili , Spencer Ackerman and Ali Younis

10, Jun, 2015 @9:30 PM

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Al-Qaida 'cut off and ripped apart by Isis'
Exclusive: Insiders say group has been drained of Middle East recruits and that US wrongfooted by shift in balance of power between warring jihadi groups

Spencer Ackerman, Shiv Malik, Ali Younes and Mustafa Khalili

10, Jun, 2015 @9:30 PM

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Mentor of Charlie Hebdo gunmen has been UK-based
Djamel Beghal has been on western intelligence agencies’ radar for 15 years and has worshipped regularly at Finsbury Park mosque

Josh Halliday, Duncan Gardham and Julian Borger

11, Jan, 2015 @9:33 PM

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The race to save Peter Kassig | Ali Younes, Shiv Malik, Spencer Ackerman and Mustafa Khalili
The long read: The American aid worker was killed by his Isis captors on 16 November. Here, for the first time, is the story of an extraordinary effort to secure his release, which involved a radical New York lawyer, the US government, and the world’s most revered jihadi scholar

Shiv Malik, Mustafa Khalili, Ali Younes and Spencer Ackerman

18, Dec, 2014 @4:18 PM

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The European court of human rights’ judgments that transformed British law
From curbing the British army’s use of torture in Ireland to ending bans on homosexuality, the court has shaped UK law

Owen Bowcott, legal affairs correspondent

03, Oct, 2014 @4:13 PM

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Abu Qatada cleared of terror charges by Jordan court and released from jail
Home Office says there is no question of radical Muslim cleric returning to UK following his acquittal

Shiv Malik and Alice Su in Amman

24, Sep, 2014 @10:58 AM

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Isis beheadings of journalists are against Islam, says Abu Qatada
Islamist cleric's comments, from a cell in Jordan, highlight rift between jihadist groups Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra

Alice Su in Amman

07, Sep, 2014 @9:16 PM

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Radical Islamist cleric Abu Qatada cleared of terrorism offences in Jordan - video

Jordanian court rules that international terror suspect is not guilty of terrorism offences relating to alleged 1998 bomb plot

26, Jun, 2014 @1:27 PM

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Abu Qatada cleared in Jordan of 1998 terrorist bomb plot
Jordanian court clears Islamist cleric who was subject of 12-year UK deportation fight of conspiracy charge relating to 1998 plot

Alan Travis, home affairs editor

26, Jun, 2014 @9:35 AM

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The law isn't there to protect us from Dieudonné's odious views | Simon Jenkins

Simon Jenkins: Our banning of Dieudonné shows that the UK has grown feeble. A robust society should be able to handle the stresses of pluralism

Simon Jenkins

04, Feb, 2014 @8:29 PM

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