Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

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Lula’s bid to style himself climate leader at Cop28 undermined by Opec move
Brazilian president’s plans to approve new fossil fuel projects sit awkwardly with pledge to meet 1.5C target

Jonathan Watts

02, Dec, 2023 @12:00 PM

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‘It is all about listening and sharing’: Indigenous solutions to the carbon divide
Deforestation rates are much lower on Indigenous land – and there is growing recognition that first peoples have vital role to play

Jonathan Watts Global environment editor

22, Nov, 2023 @4:00 PM

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Argentina: leftists celebrate after far-right Milei fails to win election victory
Lula and other Latin American leftwingers hail Sergio Massa’s first-placed finish, with election now headed to November runoff

Tom Phillips and Facundo Iglesia in Buenos Aires

23, Oct, 2023 @4:34 PM

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Bolsonaro was engineer of ‘wilful coup attempt’, Brazil congress inquiry alleges
Congressional investigation into failed rightwing insurrection on 8 January calls for former president to be charged with four crimes

Tom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro

17, Oct, 2023 @4:52 PM

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Lula urges end to ‘insanity of war’ as Latin Americans killed in Hamas attack
Brazil president calls for humanitarian aid to protect Israeli and Palestinian citizens, while Latin Americans also taken hostage

Tom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro

11, Oct, 2023 @3:52 PM

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Brazil is taking a new direction after Bolsonaro – but will Britain take note? | Richard Bourne
Much has changed already under Lula da Silva’s presidency, but this vast country does not receive the attention it deserves

Richard Bourne

10, Oct, 2023 @9:30 AM

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US and Brazil warn of attempt to stop Guatemala president-elect taking power
Fears Guatemalan democracy is in peril amid warning of potential coup to block inauguration of anti-corruption crusader

Tom Phillips Latin America correspondent

20, Sep, 2023 @4:56 PM

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Israeli ambassador protests as Iranian president speaks - as it happened
Ukrainian president addresses UN summit; Biden warns against allowing Russia to ‘brutalize’ Ukraine without consequences

Sam Levin (now) and Léonie Chao-Fong (earlier)

19, Sep, 2023 @10:40 PM

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World inching ever closer to a great fracture, says UN chief
António Guterres calls for reform of financial architecture, climate solidarity and an end to coal, in speech to UN general assembly

Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor in New York

19, Sep, 2023 @5:54 PM

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Brazilians applaud Lula's return to diplomacy as he addresses UN general assembly
Relief in Brazil as Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva speaks at the UN after four chaotic years of rule by the far-right Jair Bolsonaro

Tom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro

19, Sep, 2023 @4:33 PM

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Lula backpedals on suggestion Putin could attend G20 without fear of arrest
Comments were at odds with Brazil foreign minister’s statement that Putin could face ‘issues’ if he traveled to any ICC member state

Tom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro

11, Sep, 2023 @2:37 PM

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Lula says Putin can attend next year’s G20 in Rio without fear of arrest
Brazil’s president, now the group’s leader, says his Russian counterpart is welcome at 2024 event

Tom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro

10, Sep, 2023 @1:18 PM

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