Moussa Koussa defection hailed by David Cameron - video

In a joint press conference with Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan, David Cameron confirms that the Libyan foreign minister Moussa Koussa has not been granted diplomatic immunity in the UK

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Cameron approved decision to allow Moussa Koussa to defect to UK
Prime minister says Gaddafi's henchmen should 'come to their senses' and follow defecting foreign minister by abandoning Lybian regime

Nicholas Watt and Hélène Mulholland

31, Mar, 2011 @4:43 PM

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Profile: Moussa Koussa

In a huge blow, Libya's long time foreign intelligence chief has become the most senior of Gaddafi's men to defect

Peter Beaumont

31, Mar, 2011 @12:53 AM

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Is defection of Moussa Koussa similar to flight of Rudolf Hess to Scotland?

Robert Halfon, one of the smartest new Tory MPs, raised an intriguing parallel today. He said that the defection to Britain of Moussa Koussa, the Libyan foreign minister, by a private jet from Tunisia is on a par with the famous flight to Scotland of Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler's deputy, almost exactly 70 years ago

Nicholas Watt

31, Mar, 2011 @10:08 PM

Moussa Koussa to leave Britain
Defector expected to attend Libya conference in Qatar after being questioned over Lockerbie bombing

Ian Black, Middle East editor

12, Apr, 2011 @10:32 AM

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Lockerbie prosecutors yet to meet Libyan defector Moussa Koussa
Detectives and Scottish Crown Office lawyers are in London but there has been no interview with former Gaddafi minister

Severin Carrell, Scotland correspondent

07, Apr, 2011 @6:43 PM

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Libya: blow to Gaddafi as foreign minister defects to UK

Moussa Koussa says he is no longer willing to represent the regime in a morale boost for the rebels

Patrick Wintour, Richard Norton-Taylor, Nick Hopkins, and Chris McGreal in Ajdabiya

31, Mar, 2011 @12:18 AM

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Moussa Koussa's defection should be exploited | Oliver Miles
Oliver Miles: Denying Moussa Koussa immunity from prosecution in Britain does nothing to encourage others to desert Gaddafi

Oliver Miles

31, Mar, 2011 @6:00 PM

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Libya foreign minister Moussa Koussa must face atrocities trial, rebels declare
Rebel leadership wants defector returned and tried for crimes against humanity once Gaddafi is toppled

Chris McGreal in Benghazi

31, Mar, 2011 @12:02 PM

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Libyan rebel leadership set to reject Moussa Koussa in mediation role
Benghazi's interim ruling council unimpressed by former foreign minister's scaremongering statement

Chris McGreal in Benghazi

12, Apr, 2011 @7:20 PM

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Libya: Cameron and Sarkozy demand that 'Gaddafi must go'
Leaders of Britain and France issue joint statement ahead of conference, and are keen to ensure Gaddafi stands trial

Nicholas Watt and Richard Norton-Taylor

29, Mar, 2011 @1:53 AM