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Australia beaches declared disaster zone after oil spill from Pacific Adventurer

Authorities close 37-mile stretch of coast hit by leak from cyclone-hit cargo ship

Associated Press

13, Mar, 2009 @9:29 AM

Oil spill spoils beaches in Queensland, Australia

Cyclones just off of Australia's Queensland coast earlier this week resulted in an oil spill along the Sunshine Coast, eastern Australia. Hong Kong-based vessel the Pacific Adventurer, was caught in the rough seas, causing its hull to pierce

13, Mar, 2009 @12:44 PM

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In pictures: Marine life affected by Timor Sea oil spill

Seabirds, dolphins, sea snakes and turtles are all under threat from a toxic oil spill which has been leaking since August into the Timor Sea, off the north-west coast of Western Australia, according to the conservation group WWF

23, Oct, 2009 @2:22 PM

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New Zealand oil spill – in pictures

The 47,230-tonne Liberian-flagged Rena has been stranded on a reef 12 nautical miles off Tauranga

12, Oct, 2011 @5:21 PM

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ConocoPhillips slow to clear up oil spill in China's Bohai Sea

The US oil company says it will clear the series of slicks this month

Jonathan Watts, Asia environment correspondent

09, Aug, 2011 @4:37 PM

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New Zealand oil spill: grounded ship threatens environmental disaster

Penguins rescued from slick amid fears Rena could break up and dump 1,700 tonnes of oil into prized Bay of Plenty

Warren Murray

09, Oct, 2011 @6:09 AM

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Oil spill is New Zealand's worst environmental maritime disaster

Oil leaking into the sea has increased by as much as ten-fold, with a minister calling it New Zealand's worst pollution disaster at sea in decades

Toby Manhire in Auckland

11, Oct, 2011 @6:02 AM

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Deepwater Horizon oil spill threatens Louisiana Gulf coast

Images from Louisiana, where a state of emergency has been declared as oil from leaking wellhead threatens to come ashore

05, May, 2010 @12:03 PM

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World's smallest seahorse faces extinction after BP oil spill
Habitat loss could cause a dramatic fall in dwarf seahorse populations, warn conservationists

Suzanne Goldenberg, US environment correspondent

07, Sep, 2010 @5:13 PM

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Deepwater Horizon victims' families mark first anniversary of oil spill
Relatives of the 11 workers killed when BP's rig burst into flames overfly the site by helicopter while oil still washes up on beaches

Associated Press

20, Apr, 2011 @2:13 PM