Will tapestry sweep Covid truths under the carpet? | Brief letters

A design for a Covid tapestry | Boris Johnson’s honours | Protecting chickens | Marmite and marmalade

I see that a tapestry is being made to record experiences of Covid (Bereaved families withdraw support for UK Covid tapestry, 22 May). I wonder if there will be room for a scene in which a consultant opens up a box of PPE that’s come into the intensive care unit that I was in, only to find that it’s second-hand and one of the outfits has blood on it.
Michael Rosen

• After reading about Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list (Report, 24 May), I asked myself who could have sufficiently low self-esteem to accept such a thing from such a discredited man?
John O Machin
Calverley, Leeds

• I’m glad about the kiwi bird getting out and going home (‘We have offended a nation’: Miami zoo’s treatment of kiwi bird enrages New Zealand, 24 May). If only we could fix the fate of billions of the relatives of this beautiful jungle fowl as quickly (Animal welfare groups lose court challenge over ‘Frankenchickens’, 24 May).
Louise Summers

• Adding to the list of weird taste combinations (Letters, 25 May), once, when very young – probably by accident – I found myself eating my breakfast buttered toast with both Marmite and marmalade. I’ve liked it ever since (but you have to get the proportions right).
Tim Gossling

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