Respect for the war resisters in Russia | Brief letters

Putin’s military draft | Banking on bonuses | Rich pickings on tax | Six-pack of PMs | News for Zoe

I am disappointed that your report uses the derogatory term “draft dodgers” to describe those Russians who are taking action to avoid being forced to fight in an appalling war (‘I’d rather leave than fight’: Russians react to Putin’s draft, 21 September). They are taking this action often at great cost to themselves, risking imprisonment or exile. More respectful terms might be “war resisters” or “conscientious objectors”.
Chris Booth

• Amazing how bankers need access to limitless bonuses to attract and motivate them whereas the care sector, drastically short of staff, can go whistle for a pay rise.
Howard Pilott
Lewes, East Sussex

• Re taxing the rich, when super tax was 19s and 6d in the pound, my father’s reaction was always: “Wish I was paying it.”
Simon Hurdley
Bridport, Dorset

• I have been searching for a suitable collective noun for our former prime ministers, recently seen together at the Queen’s funeral. A council? A posse? Maybe even a murder? I finally settled on a six-pack.
Sylvia Edwards
Sale, Greater Manchester

• Zoe Williams turns off her radio and has to go to Twitter for the news (The radio was the soundtrack to my life. But I turned it off a week ago – and may never turn it back on, 20 September). I recommend the Guardian, Zoe.
Peter Hart

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