British generosity to refugees has always had its limits | Brief letters

Jews fleeing from Hitler | Gesture politics and red tape | The bravery of Marina Ovsyannikova | GP training | Rod Stewart’s potholes

Michael Gove has grossly exaggerated Britain’s generosity towards Jews fleeing from Hitler (The politics sketch, 14 March). My Jewish mother came here as a domestic servant in January 1939. She was not able to obtain permission for her parents and younger sister to come to the UK. I have the 50 letters they wrote to her which show their agonisingly veiled but increasing desperation. The correspondence stopped in May 1941 when they were murdered in Sobibor extermination camp. They and so many more are a testament to the limitations of Britain’s generosity. Are we seeing the same today?
Yvonne Singer
Bollington, Cheshire

• If our government is going to indulge in gesture politics, to more accurately reflect their support of Ukraine they should wrap up their lapel badges and blue and yellow ribbons in red tape.
Ian Grieve
Gordon Bennett, Llangollen Canal

• The word “heroic” is much misused but surely applies to the action of Marina Ovsyannikova on Russia’s state broadcaster Channel One (‘They’re lying to you’: Russian TV employee interrupts news broadcast, 14 March). What courage! And what a tacit denunciation of everyone else who facilitates Vladimir Putin’s lying.
Brenda Edwards
Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria

• GPs have at least 10 years of training before qualifying, not four (Letters, 9 March).
Marianne Gemmeke
Eastleigh, Hampshire

• Rod Stewart is a football fan. Perhaps he thought filling potholes with gravel was an aggregate victory (Report, 13 March).
Michael Cunningham

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