Liz Truss’s definition of ‘moral’ is clearly an odd one, as she defends plan to deport asylum seekers | Brief letters

Rwanda deportation policy | Tony Blair’s journey | Bus stop luxury | Sheep prices | Fruiting raspberries | First cuckoo

Thank you so much for letting us hear the heartbreaking stories of asylum seekers (‘It will be the end of my life’: the people fearing removal from UK to Rwanda, 13 June). Liz Truss is reported as saying the policy of deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda is “moral”. Clearly her definition of moral is not the one that most of us understand.
Rae Street
Littleborough, Greater Manchester

• How it started, May 1997: Tony Blair is elected, promising to modernise Britain. How it ended, June 2022: Tony Blair parades in medieval dress to receive a gong from the Queen (Report, 13 June).
Keith Flett
Tottenham, London

• Shelters and benches at bus stops (Letters, 12 June)? Here in Malvern we are grateful for buses at our stops. None run on Sundays, of course.
Elizabeth Dunnett
Malvern, Worcestershire

• Would it be helpful to Matt Robb (Letters, 13 June) to be advised that while venison is always deer, mutton is always sheep?
Eric Ogden
Cheadle Hulme, Greater Manchester

• Though we have yet to reach the first day of summer, or midsummer three days later, I should warn readers that the autumn raspberries have already started fruiting.
Theresa Graham
Clevedon, Somerset

• Awoke, on holiday in the depths of rural Gloucestershire, to the sound of a cuckoo. For us, the first cuckoo of the century.
Clare Addison

• The headline and subheading on these letters were amended on 15 June 2022. Earlier versions suggested that asylum seekers had been deported to Rwanda, but the flight due to carry them was cancelled late on 14 June 2022.


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