A thousand ancient trees are to be felled to replace la forêt in the roof of Notre Dame (Report, 16 February). Why use pristine oak? No one will ever see these timbers. Surely this is an excellent opportunity to use glulam beams, which are stronger, highly sustainable, and do not require the felling of ancient trees. The cathedral’s original builders used the best and latest technologies. Why don’t we?
Robin Prior
Stroud, Gloucestershire

• There’s no need for a robotic dog if you’re not keen on picking up their waste (Mindfulness, laughter and robot dogs may relieve lockdown loneliness – study, 17 February). Just get yourself a dog like Dilyn, as I’ve never seen either of his owners swinging a full poo bag around.
Ian Grieve
Gordon Bennett, Llangollen canal

• I’m waiting for the robotic domestic cat. Their introduction might result in the survival of millions of wild birds every year.
Bill Fergie
Basingstoke, Hampshire

• Liam Thorp is not alone (‘6.2cm-tall man’ offered priority Covid vaccine after NHS blunder, 18 February). My daughter was also unexpectedly offered a jab, then discovered she was recorded as having a height of 1.7cm. She decided her BMI made her weight the equivalent of five blue whales.
Deirdre Burrell
Mortimer, Berkshire

• On Prince Harry and Meghan (Whatever you think of Harry and Meghan, their media critics are far worse, 16 February), Marina Hyde is, as always, brilliant. Could we set the cat among the pigeons by proposing her for something like a CBE?
Colin Hartley
Deal, Kent


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