Locksdown: readers share their home haircut adventures

Some of you have been brave enough to pick up your scissors and clippers in lockdown. The results look great … from the front, anyway

‘The look speaks for itself’

Since I was already growing my beard and hair during lockdown, I decided to do something fun with it while raising money for a great cause. This led me to create the #hairforhospitality challenge, which has raised about £1,200 thus far for Hospitality Action’s emergency relief fund by letting donors decide on how my look will change for the remainder of lockdown. The official reveal was Friday, and the new look speaks for itself. Matthew Holy

Matthew Holy.
Matthew Holy. Photograph: Matthew Holy/Guardian community

‘My wife decided to give me a mohawk’

My wife decided to give me a mohawk as I have no jobs for the foreseeable future. It looks a lot better than the 70s porn star hair that was starting to show. Gordie Cavill

Gordie Cavill.
Gordie Cavill. Photograph: Gordie Cavill/Guardian community

‘Let’s turn this bald gesture into a bold one’

My partner and I have shaved our heads and committed to donating €8 per centimetre our hair grows to supporting the homeless. Let’s turn this bald gesture into a bold one! Lesley Horn

Lesley Horn
Lesley Horn and her partner. Photograph: Lesley Horn/Guardian community

‘Police don’t question a group with identical blonde hair’

I fleetingly suggested to a housemate that we all peroxide our hair and, unfortunately for me, my housemate mobilised to make this bold suggestion a reality. Five hours later, the vision was realised. Unlike most groups of five adults in the park, we can take our daily exercise together. We found out the easy way; police don’t question the living arrangement of a motley group with identical, striking, blonde hair. We are now more of a family than we’d ever had imagined. Fi Wilson

Fi Wilson and friends.
Fi Wilson and friends. Photograph: Fi Wilson/Guardian community

‘I left a crater in the top of my head’

After growing steadily more uncomfortable with the length of my regularly barbered hair, I decided to go for it and cut the mop. What could go wrong? The first few strokes of the shaver revealed a natural talent for self-barbering. It even looked quite cool. The next step was to tackle the thickest part of the mop, at the top. A shave here, a snip there and it would be complete. Unfortunately, as I was feeling rather pleased with my newfound abilities, I lost focus for a millisecond. And in this moment I left what can only be described as a crater in the top of my head. I could have been a 12th century Cistercian monk. What does one do with such a disaster and no hairdressers open? Julian Chackathayil

Julian Chackathayil.
Julian Chackathayil. Photograph: Julian Chackathayil/Guardian community

‘I was stoked at the result’

After a fair bit of arm-twisting and my reassuring him that it would be a doddle, my husband agreed to cut my hair. He did the back and I sorted the front and sides. I was stoked at the result. Judy Nieuwendijk

Judy Nieuwendijk.
Judy Nieuwendijk. Photograph: Judy Nieuwendijk/Guardian community

‘My sister did a fantastic job cutting my hair in the garden’

On a scorching Saturday afternoon, my older sister reluctantly agreed to cut my hair. Our mother’s funeral was on the following Friday and my hair was out of control. I sat in the garden for hours in the hot sun as my sister slowly but surely cut my hair, at first with the clippers and then on to scissors. She did a fantastic job. She has absolutely no hairdressing experience! Lee Nottle

Lee Nottle.
Lee Nottle in the garden. Photograph: Lee Nottle/Guardian community

‘A lot of amazing people have donated’

I wanted to do something to raise some funds for NHS Charities Together during the crisis to show my appreciation for everything they are doing to protect us during this scary time. So I decided I would shave my head. My original target was £500 and I gave myself two weeks to reach the target, hoping to get there eventually. A lot of amazing people donated. I’ve made more than £1,300 – and I’ve shaved my head! Lucy Swift

Lucy Swift.
Lucy Swift. Photograph: Lucy Swift/Guardian community

‘Am I a man? A beast? Will I ever see my face again?’

I hadn’t had a haircut since last December when the lockdown went live in Québec. After a couple of weeks stuck inside, I was faced with an unruly messed-up forest on top, a mean beard growing down, and some seriously mounting self-esteem issues. Am I a man? A beast? A man-beast? Will I ever see my face again? I asked my girlfriend to kindly try her best. She was initially way too shy with the scissors, so I handed over my clippers, despite not having shaved my hair in 20 years! She went to town and I haven’t felt this good-looking in months. I’ll definitely do it again! Alexis de Becque

Alexis de Becque.
Alexis de Becque. Photograph: Alexis de Becque/Guardian community

‘I wanted to give my staff a laugh’

I wanted to go for something nostalgic, so chose a bowl cut. Are we ever going to get away with these hairstyles again? I knew it would generate a bit of a giggle. I own three bars in Edinburgh and wanted the staff to have a laugh, to cheer them up a bit. Iain McPherson

Iain McPherson.
Iain McPherson. Photograph: Iain McPherson/Guardian community

‘People keep telling me my hair looks nice’

It is a little-known fact that Antoni Gaudí designed his staggeringly beautiful Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona by hanging thousands of tiny sacks of sand on strings, then attaching them together so that gravity forced the strings into the forms he wished. He then took a photo of the structure, turned the photo upside down and built the cathedral based on the upside-down photo. Likewise, the trick to cutting one’s own hair is to stand in front of a mirror with your head upside down, let gravity splay out your hair, and then trim it like a bush so that it falls more evenly. I have been doing this for years and, though I have no hairdressing experience, people keep telling me my hair looks nice. Gracias, Antoni. Angus Sinclair

Angus Sinclair.
Angus Sinclair. Photograph: Angus Sinclair/Guardian community

‘I will dye my hair blue for the NHS’

My husband asked me to use his clippers to cut his hair. I said yes, if he would do my long hair too. He started by taking the clippers and cutting off two pigtails. Then he gave me a number five. It was the most hilarious experience, although nerve-racking for him. I think he was worried about how I would react. I’ve never had so many compliments before. Short, buzz-cut hair is so freeing. I really recommend it. I’m sure I was born with more hair than I have now. I was so moved by the compliments I got on it, I decided to set up a fundraiser for Shelter UK. I will dye my hair blue when I reach my fundraising goal – blue to show my support for the NHS. Trupti

Trupti. Photograph: Trupti/Guardian community

‘There is a slight hole if you look closely’

I cut my husband Chris’s hair using thinning scissors, sewing scissors and clippers. The brief was to reduce the bulk at the sides and neaten the perimeter. I took a bit too much off around one ear, so there is a slight “hole” there if you look closely. He was not happy about that, but otherwise it was a professional-looking result. I was even praised on our shared chat groups. The neat “edging” around the back was a lot easier to achieve than expected! Angela Parikh

Angela’s husband Chris.
Angela’s husband Chris. Photograph: Angela Parikh/Guardian community

‘My wife says it’s not too bad’

My self-cut was more or less a success. I looked up a WikiHow article and, after a brief scan, decided that was all the encouragement I needed. However, I did limit myself to trimming back and sides with my beard clippers. One small problem was that the numbers on its scale do not correspond to those on a pro clipper. So the number four setting gave me a number two haircut. Another problem is that the top of the back is not well blended and looks pretty stark and rough. My wife says it’s not too bad though. Aaron Kennedy

Aaron Kennedy.
Aaron Kennedy. Photograph: Aaron Kennedy/Guardian community

‘I trim mine almost every week now’

I love my lockdown haircuts. I started hacking at my hair some time ago and now it’s become an obsession. My mum wanted me to be a hairdresser – she was right. The secret to my cut is to mostly keep it one length, just a bit shorter at the front, and just trim. Only take off a quarter of an inch at a time – that way you will not mess up too much. I trim mine almost every week now! What else is a girl to do during lockdown? Today it had to look perfect, as it was my birthday. Anna Caliendo

Anna Caliendo
Anna Caliendo. Photograph: Anna Caliendo/Guardian community

‘Danish hairdressers are reopening. I didn’t know that last week’

Hairdressing salons in Denmark are reopening this week, but nobody knew that a week ago when I asked my wife to cut my hair. The result won’t win any beauty contests, but it was easy, practical, and done in less than 10 minutes. My regular hairdresser can undo the damage in a couple of weeks. Jesper Sommer

Jesper Sommer
Jesper Sommer before and after. Photograph: Jesper Sommer/Guardian community

‘My daughter saw the scissors and ran away’

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and watching videos on YouTube recommendations. One early morning I decided that was it: I washed my hair, took the pair of scissors, and got to it. My youngest girl said she was afraid of the scissors and ran away. It was a huge success! Now, I’m trying to find the moment to go on both my daughters! Miranda Cassino, Argentina

Miranda Cassino.
Miranda Cassino. Photograph: Miranda Cassino/Guardian community

‘You have to focus on what you can control’

It’s very much a video-conference-ready haircut. The back holds up less well under scrutiny, but I’ve definitely paid for worse cuts, so a success overall. Surprisingly, I found it a therapeutic process. Coping with lockdown is about focusing on the things you can control rather than worrying what the whole world is up to; cutting your hair just brings one more little thing under your control. Chris Cummings

Chris Cummings
Chris Cummings. Photograph: Chris Cummings/Guardian community

‘The dog was more of a challenge’

The sad fact is that my wife, Marion, has been cutting my hair at home for several years now, the little that I have left requiring no more than a quick going-over with the clippers. The dog (Rio, a grumpy Lhasa Apso) was more of a challenge. He had been booked in for the groomers the morning after the lockdown was announced. Desperate times. He was less than happy halfway through, but the end result was great. Scott Blair

Scott Blair.
Scott Blair’s grumpy dog Rio. Photograph: Scott Blair/Guardian community


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