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I am sorry that James Skelton, a former miner from Sedgefield, feels his Englishness has been eroded by EU membership (Labour’s love lost, 16 September). French-ness is obviously more robust. Here in southern France this summer, the locals have been as gloriously Gallic as ever despite 62 years in the community. Homogeneity has never been part of the EU plan, but many Britons still seem irrationally unnerved by contact with fellow Europeans.
Marion Worth
Bouldoux, France

• In order to win back those who have cancelled their contributions to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (having discovered that 2% of the charity’s income is spent on life-saving projects abroad), might I suggest a new policy where the RNLI saves only UK citizens in British waters. A simply cry of “Are you a foreigner?” before boarding a distressed vessel might do wonders for their image.
Philip Ardagh
Tunbridge Wells, Kent

• I’ve just heard on the wireless that an American has swum the Channel four times, back and forth in one go. Did the poor lady have to keep going while Priti Patel made up her mind whether she could come back in?
Paul Wright
King’s Lynn, Norfolk

• It’s good to see that the BBC is to streamline the selection of the UK’s Eurovision song (Report, 17 September). Of course, they could go one step further and simply announce that we’ve come last.
David Napier
Lewes, East Sussex

• While any new tree-planting is welcome (Ancient woodlands on HS2 route get reprieve, 17 September), no quantity of saplings can “mitigate” the loss of ancient woodland – the clue is in the word “ancient”.
Pam Lunn
Kenilworth, Warwickshire

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