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A Middle East country attacks and kills some of its own neighbours, including children, at a wedding using aerial weapons in an incident that is clearly in breach of all human rights (At least 20 die in Saudi-led airstrike, 24 April). Yet from the trio of self-appointed world policemen (the US, France and UK) there is not a peep. No objection, no manufactured outrage; certainly no airstrikes. Something to do with the nature of the aggressor and the depth of its pockets?
Dr Neil Denby

• What’s this sizeism in the Guardian (Report, 23 April)? You refer to the “diminutive figure of John Biggs, the directly elected mayor of Tower Hamlets”. I have yet to see any disparagement in your pages of the exceptional height of New York mayor Bill de Blasio.
Cynthia Hay

• Another day, another mistake in the cryptic crossword (Corrections, 24 April). A reflection of the times, I suppose: fake clues.
Mike Hine
Kingston on Thames, Surrey

• Predating Rick Nelson by six years, The Everly Brothers Sing Great Country Hits (1963) is surely a better contender for kickstarting country rock (Letters, 23 April).
Phil Rhoden
Kidderminster, Worcestershire

• Jürgen Klopp may not want to be chancellor of Germany (Sport, 24 April), but when he leaves Liverpool could we have him as our prime minister, please?
Rev Dr Peter Phillips

• I’ve suddenly become a Liverpool fan. Hoping we win.
Steve Lupton

• No state benefits for a third child (Duke and Duchess show off new son, 24 April)?
Peter Caswell

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