Sophie Ellis-Bextor: girls today are encouraged to display their sexuality

Singer says the issue of sexuality seen as empowering thing is really sensitive for people with young daughters

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has said she is grateful that she only has sons and not daughters, because of the pressure put on girls today to display their sexuality.

The singer, last seen in a small quantity of skintight Lycra and spangles on Strictly Come Dancing where she finished fourth, said: "Girls are encouraged to put their sexuality out there as an empowering thing, but that can also put you on the back foot. It would be a really sensitive issue if you have a girl that's anywhere from about eight to 18.

"When I was 15, we had the ladette culture and Wonderbras and things like More! magazine with its Position of the Fortnight feature. And there were as many debates about Madonna then as there are about Miley Cyrus now. But Madonna always seemed to be in control of what she was doing – that's what I always liked about her when I was growing up. She had her own agenda, and was like, 'Screw you if you don't get it,' and I thought that was pretty cool."

In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Ellis-Bextor added: "I wouldn't want to thrust myself in people's faces like Lady Gaga. "I loved her theatricality initially, but four years on, it looks exhausting and she looks exhausted.

"You know, she's clomping around in heel-less shoes and a meat dress, then Adele comes along and sells billions of records without doing any of that stuff. I just think the only thing you can do is find your own niche and do what works for you."


Maev Kennedy

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