Excerpts from House speaker Pelosi's speech

Quotes from US House speaker Nancy Pelosi's speech in the final hours of a debate to finalise the bail-out plan

Republicans in the US House of Representatives blamed Democratic speaker Nancy Pelosi for the failed bail-out vote, claiming she made a partisan speech near the end of a debate on the rescue plan. Below are quotes from the speech:

"[W]hen was the last time someone asked you for $700bn? It is a number that is staggering, but tells us only the costs of the Bush administration's failed economic policies — policies built on budgetary recklessness, on an anything-goes mentality, with no regulation, no supervision, and no discipline in the system."

"Democrats believe in the free market, which can and does create jobs, wealth, and capital, but left to its own devices it has created chaos."

"Democrats insisted that legislation responding to this crisis must protect the American people and Main Street from the meltdown on Wall Street. The American people did not decide to dangerously weaken our regulatory and oversight policies. They did not make unwise and risky financial deals. They did not jeopardise the economic security of the nation. And they must not pay the cost of this emergency recovery and stabilisation bill."

"Today we will act to avert this crisis, but informed by our experience of the past eight years with the failed economic leadership … We choose a different path. In the new year, with a new Congress and a new president, we will break free with a failed past and take America in a new direction to a better future."


Elana Schor in Washington

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