Iron Maiden flag rocks Spanish town hall

Spanish councillors adorn desks with heavy metal emblem in retaliation to Basque separatists

Eddie the Head, the demoniacal mascot of the British heavy metal group Iron Maiden, has made his way into the debating chamber of a Spanish town hall.

Eddie's cadaverous face appears regularly at council meetings in the town of Villava, in Navarre, as part of a war of political symbols between local parties.

Basque separatist councillors insist on hanging the Basque flag on their desks during debates, upsetting other politicians at the town hall. Most dislike the idea of the Navarre region being treated as part of the Basque country.

The Socialists have responded by hanging an Iron Maiden flag on their desks. The Socialist leader, José Luis Uriz, said: "The Iron Maiden flag means a lot to me. If I have to put up with their flag, they'll have to put up with Eddie's face."

The conservative Navarrese People's Union party has joined the protest. Its councillors now hang the flag of the local La Liga football club, Osasuna, from their desks.


Giles Tremlett in Madrid

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