Poll ratings: 62 per cent (Bill Clinton 55, George Bush Senior 56).

Best photo-op: Return of spy-plane crew.

Wears: Cowboy boots in the White House.

Banned: Jeans in the White House.

Where to head when White House is shot at : The gym.

Where to be found at 3pm on a weekday: The gym.

Political record : Makes Ronald Reagan look socialist.

Bills signed: Seven (Clinton 23, Daddy 18).

News conferences : Five (Clinton 13, Daddy Bush 11).

When to stop work: 5pm (Clinton 2am).

Weekends: Home to Crawford, Texas.

Presidential ambitions: Cold war with Russia; star wars with China; global warming.

American states visited: 26 (Clinton 15, Daddy 16).

Foreign countries visited: Mexico (day trip) and Canada.

Name of 2004 re-election war room: 'The Strategery Department' (really).

Best lines: 'What I'd like to say to anyone who calls me Dick Cheney's puppet is... what is it I'd like to say Dick?'

'Are you from the Chinese press? You speak English better than I do.'

The GuardianTramp

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Julian Borger: If you read the US press over the weekend, you came away with a much more sober assessment of George Bush's climate-change diplomacy.

Julian Borger

11, Jun, 2007 @7:30 PM

Letters: Bush's break
Letters: It pains me to defend George Bush (Report, August 27), but by spending a five-week working holiday in Texas, he is fulfilling the wishes of the framers of the US constitution.

31, Aug, 2005 @11:02 PM

Bush's last chance

Shlomo Ben-Ami: If he does not change course, his presidency will end decades of US hegemony in the Middle East, to the detriment of its closest allies in the region.

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Ken Gude: Even before legal opinions, the Bush administration's first instinct was to torture

Ken Gude: We now know that legal opinions were merely retroactive cover. The Bush administration's first instinct was towards abuse

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David Cole: The Bush torture memos use Orwellian language

David Cole: The newly-published Bush administration memos show a chilling, Orwellian abuse of language to justify torture

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Leader: Dubya is not to be trusted
This President is not to be trusted.


21, Jan, 2001 @1:35 PM

George Bush's niece arrested
The niece of the US president, George Bush, was arrested last night for allegedly trying to obtain a controlled drug with a fraudulent prescription.

Staff and agencies

29, Jan, 2002 @6:54 PM

Ray LeMoine: Baghdad's Green Zone exemplifies all that went wrong with the war in Iraq

Ray LeMoine: Misunderestimated: The Green Zone in Baghdad exemplifies all that went wrong with America's war in Iraq

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Dylan Loewe: Karl Rove and Harriet Miers's congressional testimony won't reveal the truth about US attorney firings

Dylan Loewe: Karl Rove's testimony to Congress about the firing of US attorneys will obscure, not reveal, the truth of the past eight years

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Bookworm Bush's holiday reading
George Bush has never had a reputation as a bookworm, but for a man derided by his critics as an intellectual lightweight the president's holiday reading list packs a punch. He will be tucking into Salt: A World History, Alexander II: the Last Great Tsar and The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History during his five-week sojourn on his Texas ranch.

Jamie Wilson in Washington

17, Aug, 2005 @9:00 AM