Maternity and childcare

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Three reasons why hiring mothers is good for business
Rather than seeing a pregnant woman as a problem to be managed, business needs to start seeing the advantages they bring to the workplace

Lisa Barnwell

09, Mar, 2016 @12:13 PM

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I started a business to avoid maternity leave
Does the thought of juggling a career and a family fill you with fear? For Hana Dickinson, the solution was to rebuild her working life from scratch

Hana Dickinson

02, Feb, 2016 @7:17 AM

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'I secured an investment deal for my business while nine months pregnant'
Entrepreneur Lucy Burnford on securing investment for her startup and how businesses can make life easier for parents juggling work and childcare

Linda Harrison

07, Dec, 2015 @7:16 AM

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Parental leave: what to expect on the return to work
Re-entering the workplace can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be a negative experience

Paula Parfitt

10, Nov, 2015 @7:16 AM

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Girls can have it all, we need to stop telling them otherwise
Juggling both children and work can be difficult but if we warn girls off it from an early age, we’ll never change the workplace

Harriet Minter

02, Nov, 2015 @11:03 AM

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Five steps to balancing work and family
From choosing the right childcare to making sure home admin doesn’t take over your life, our experts share the tips that can make your life easier

Lottie O'Conor

13, Oct, 2015 @6:12 AM

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Live Q&A: how to hack working parenthood
Is there a secret formula to balancing work and family? Our expert panel is here from 12-2pm on Thursday 1 October to discuss tips to save time – and your sanity

Harriet Minter and Lottie O'Conor

30, Sep, 2015 @10:46 AM

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The three things, beyond childcare, that can help new mothers return to work
Self-confidence, supportive colleagues and a strong network of peers – without these issues addressed Britain’s workforce will continue to lose strong talent

Neeha Khurana

16, Sep, 2015 @6:30 AM

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Twins and two weeks' maternity leave. Good luck Marissa Mayer
‘I can’t be the only mum of twins who met the Yahoo CEO’s statements with a raised eyebrow. Twins can upset the best laid plans’

Linda Aitchison

04, Sep, 2015 @6:17 AM

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Flying in Mary Poppins won’t fix work for parents
A US private equity firm is paying for young children and nannies to fly around the world with their employees. This isn’t a perk, it’s a baby penalty

Harriet Minter

27, Aug, 2015 @6:23 AM

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Support for women returners is key to closing the gender gap
Many businesses are guilty of failing to be supportive and inclusive of women returning to work. We must learn from our mistakes or risk losing more talent

Jonathan Boyers

03, Aug, 2015 @6:20 AM

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Flexible senior roles are the key to unlocking our workforce's hidden talent
Traditionally, flexibility and seniority rarely go hand in hand, but the world of work is changing as companies begin to see the value in non-traditional roles

Juliet Turnbull

30, Jul, 2015 @6:21 AM

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