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A day in the life of an executive coach
‘My job is helping people become aware of their strengths and the mindsets that sabotage them.’

Harriet Minter

01, Jul, 2016 @7:06 AM

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Obama on feminism and other lessons from the first United State of Women summit
There are more people fighting for gender equality than ever before. We need to harness this power while there’s still time

Patricia Fletcher

30, Jun, 2016 @6:00 AM

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Women's talk: why language matters to female entrepreneurs
When Sue Stockdale set out to find women business-owners with fast-growth companies she found the language we use to offer opportunities to women is key

Sue Stockdale

29, Jun, 2016 @11:47 AM

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Three simple steps to better employee engagement
With nearly a quarter of UK employees feeling as though they are ‘coasting’ at work, how do managers create a workplace where staff actually want to work?

Karen Kimsey-House

27, Jun, 2016 @6:57 AM

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'If diversity means giving white men more work writing about black women, we've failed'
Black women need to be in control of their own stories says screenwriter Misan Sagay – and that means hiring more black talent across all aspects of film and tv

Kirstie Brewer

16, Jun, 2016 @6:24 AM

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The 'greatest dead company in Silicon Valley' has lessons for all of us
On a recent trade mission to the United States, 13 female entrepreneurs had the opportunity to learn from some of the most successful tech companies. The number one lesson: never fear failure

Emma Sinclair

13, Jun, 2016 @6:28 AM

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If you want flexible working you have to be upfront and unashamed about it
With two children there was no way I wanted to work full-time, so I began each job interview by pointing that out. Sometimes you have to ask for what you want

Victoria Price

24, May, 2016 @12:05 PM

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When I asked for flexible working recruiters said it didn't exist
Nine out of 10 managers say they would consider offering flexible working to hire the best person, yet none of them say that at the recruitment stage. Why?

Karen Mattison

24, May, 2016 @6:56 AM

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If you choose your job over your mental health something's wrong
Everyone told me that quitting my dream job was brave, but it felt like my only option

Daisy Buchanan

19, May, 2016 @9:03 AM

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Enforcing high heels in the office is the height of workplace sexism
Nicola Thorp’s petition over high heels at work shows that we still believe for a woman to look professional she must also be attractive

Harriet Minter

12, May, 2016 @10:06 AM

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Five things companies can do to boost employee happiness
Get your chequebooks out, recognise the importance of your part-time staff and stop thinking that a pumped up job title is the answer

Harriet Minter

11, May, 2016 @6:22 AM

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How to handle everyday sexism without HR or a boss to back you up
I’m freelance and Isabel Hardman’s totty furore got me thinking – where do I go when I come up against sexist comments from clients and associates?

Antonia Taylor

09, May, 2016 @6:18 AM

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