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Why New Zealand's climate is seen as Great Britain's southerly equivalent
Plenty of regular rain, a maritime influence, and very variable weather – sound familiar?

Stephen Moss

23, Feb, 2021 @6:00 AM

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Auckland set to break record for longest-ever spell without rain
On Saturday the city will mark 40 days with no rain, as total fire ban declared across North Island

Eleanor Ainge Roy in Dunedin

14, Feb, 2020 @12:04 AM

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World weatherwatch: snow wreaks havoc in Washington state
State of emergency declared in US’s Pacific north-west while flash floods hit Chile and Peru

Scott Duncan (MetDesk)

13, Feb, 2019 @9:30 PM

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World weatherwatch: Nor'easter whips against US as cyclones slam South Pacific
Havoc as heavy snow affects US east coast, cyclones brush New Zealand and Arctic sea ice melts

Ashley Nelis (MetDesk)

14, Mar, 2018 @9:30 PM

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Dozens die in Portugal's worst forest fire
World weatherwatch Blaze follows days of excessive heat, while torrential rain brings floods to New Zealand, trapping people in their homes

Steph Hodsman (MetDesk)

25, Jun, 2017 @8:30 PM

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'Huge naked-eye beams': spectacular aurora australis lights up the southern skies
Onlookers were treated to a stellar show on Sunday when the phenomena appeared above Tasmania and New Zealand’s South Island

Anna Livsey

29, May, 2017 @4:06 AM

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Cyclone Cook strikes New Zealand, felling trees and causing power failures
Warnings remain in place for Bay of Plenty region as cyclone bypasses Auckland but is expected over South Island on Friday

Eleanor Ainge Roy in Dunedin

13, Apr, 2017 @10:54 AM

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New Zealand's lost summer: how will we make it through the winter gloom? | Eleanor Ainge Roy
It’s the beginning of autumn in New Zealand, where summer never arrived to soften our bones and our moods after a bruising 2016

Eleanor Ainge Roy

01, Mar, 2017 @4:49 AM

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Rain swamps China regions breaching dykes and causing landslides
Weatherwatch Rainfall of up to 200mm is recorded in Hunan province, the effect bolstered by the impact of Typhoon Nepartak nearby

​Tom Tobler (MetDesk)

20, Jul, 2016 @8:30 PM

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Where is the world's windiest city? Spoiler alert: it's not Chicago
The wind speed in this breeziest of cities once hit 154mph just a few miles from the centre, but it’s not as bad as it sounds – 62 turbines generate the city’s electricity, while air pollution is non-existent as any fumes are whipped away

Karl Mathiesen

15, Oct, 2015 @8:47 AM

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The cold that binds: tiny birds snuggle for warmth | @GrrlScientist
GrrlScientist: A large group of tiny birds huddle together for warmth in a garage near Dunedin New Zealand, as a big snowstorm approaches


02, Jun, 2015 @7:15 AM

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New Zealand blizzards 'heaviest in 50 years'
Wellington and Auckland blanketed by once-in-a-lifetime weather

Associated Press in Wellington

15, Aug, 2011 @6:42 PM

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