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Japanese cities blanketed in record levels of snowfall
Motorists stranded and tens of thousands of homes without power after spectacular blizzard

Nicholas Lee (metdesk)

24, Dec, 2020 @3:59 AM

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Venice floods as forecasts fail to predict extent of high tide
Flood barriers were not activated after forecasts predicted high tide of only 1.2 metres

Angela Giuffrida in Rome

08, Dec, 2020 @6:49 PM

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Weatherwatch: the climate of the Leeward Islands
Eastern Caribbean islands enjoy pleasant weather all year, but are also prone to tropical storms and hurricanes

Stephen Moss

03, Dec, 2020 @6:00 AM

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Weatherwatch: the extreme nature of Japan’s climate
The weather varies across the island nation, with everything from long cold winters to mild summers and tropical cyclones

Stephen Moss

07, Oct, 2020 @8:30 PM

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Monsoon rain puts pressure on China’s Three Gorges dam
Some parts of China had double the normal amount of rainfall in June and July

Alessio Martini

05, Aug, 2020 @8:30 PM

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Weatherwatch: Denmark's climate and the rise of hygge
Cold winters and freezing weather engender a desire for cosiness and comfortable conviviality

Stephen Moss

13, Apr, 2020 @8:30 PM

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Weatherwatch: from polar to continental – Canada's diverse climate
The world’s second-largest country stretches across 40 degrees latitude and 90 degrees longitude

Stephen Moss

02, Mar, 2020 @9:30 PM

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UN publishes list of companies with ties to Israeli settlements
Palestinian officials welcome report, while Israel condemns it as ‘shameful blacklist’

Oliver Holmes in Jerusalem

12, Feb, 2020 @6:31 PM

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Victoria faces more hazardous air as East Gippsland residents shelter on beach from bushfire
Rain forecast to bring relief from smoke haze in afternoon as 12 people remain at Tamboon, which is cut off by fire

Josh Taylor

14, Jan, 2020 @9:55 PM

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Sydney weather: storm cuts power to 47,000 homes as 90km/h winds bring down trees
Wild thunderstorms wreak havoc across city, forcing road closures and igniting ‘dozens’ of fires across NSW

Naaman Zhou

26, Nov, 2019 @5:41 AM

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Sydney set for a week of wet weather, but no break in drought
With dam levels close to 50% and water restrictions in place, Sydneysiders were looking for relief

Luke Henriques-Gomes

17, Jun, 2019 @8:32 AM

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Freak hail turns Victorian beaches white as cold front crosses state
‘I’ve grown up here and it’s not something I’ve ever seen before,’ local says, after storm hits Gippsland’s Cape Paterson

Luke Henriques-Gomes

10, May, 2019 @5:21 AM

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