How to guides for small charities

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How charities can work with tech companies
Charities know that digital technology can boost their impact, but getting started is a challenge. Here are some tips

Sam Applebee

23, Aug, 2017 @6:02 AM

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What charities can learn from design agencies | Matt Saunders
From websites to business cards, designers can transform how charities and social enterprises work. Here’s why it’s worth the investment

Matt Saunders

21, Aug, 2017 @6:01 AM

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What you need to know to be a charity trustee | Jane Hobson
With Kids Company’s travails in the news again, here’s some guidance on charity trustee responsibilities, from finances to overseeing staff and volunteers

Jane Hobson

03, Aug, 2017 @6:42 AM

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How charities can maximise fundraising online | Prashan Paramanathan
People are almost twice as likely to trust smaller charities as big ones. Here’s what donors say encourages them to keep on giving

Prashan Paramanathan

28, Jul, 2017 @6:19 AM

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We ran a national cancer conference with two staff | Ceinwen Giles
Our small charity had always wanted to run a one-day event to bring together young adults with cancer. We finally managed it, and now we’re doing it again

Ceinwen Giles

15, May, 2017 @7:23 AM

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GDPR: how charities should prepare for data protection changes
New regulations affecting fundraising, campaigning and volunteer management come into effect in 2018. Here’s how you can be ready

Daniel Fluskey

05, May, 2017 @6:45 AM

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Top tips: how to be the best charity trustee | Leon Ward
Connect to networks, get some training and be visible to staff: five tips to help new trustees contribute fully to their voluntary sector board

Leon Ward

03, May, 2017 @6:43 AM

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Digital customer service: how charities can do it successfully
There’s an increasing expectation that customer service should be offered via social media, so here’s how small organisations can keep up with demand

Zoe Amar

21, Jun, 2016 @9:28 AM

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Charity fundraising: how do you ask for, and get, a million pounds?
Raising mega-gifts may be the fastest way for charities to achieve a step-change, but securing such large donations is easier said than done

Matthew Ferguson and Gemma Peters

17, Jun, 2016 @9:32 AM

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How to start a charity
From setting objectives to choosing a name, charity founders talk about what you need to consider

Matthew Jenkin

18, Feb, 2016 @11:46 AM

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How your charity can attract philanthropists
Fundraisers are realising the difference philanthropists can make to an organisation – but their approach needs to be savvy

Juliet Cockram

22, Jan, 2016 @7:00 AM

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Don't ditch your data – follow this ethical guide
Charities have hit the headlines again this week for their use of data. Here’s what organisations can do to stay out of trouble

Tracey Gyateng

03, Sep, 2015 @8:47 AM

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